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Common, nowaday, everything you can see is “copyrithed”, that a hell for do anything…
There is so much awesome stuff on Internet, so much think to do or learn for “free”, but everyone need his little copyright. Its that “share” of internet wich gives his power, everyone can use or be help by some others works, that the best.

You prefer everything copyrithed, should the states copyright the air when we breath, the ground when we walk or the sun when you wanna see something ? XD.
Should the pen manufacturer copyright the manga because the mangaka use his pen ?

Photograph sell their photos books or exposed them, wo cares about be inspire ou copie hardly the photo involved with our pen ? …
Imagine only the huge time take to do a full and realistic background with your own mind when you have to draw thousand of pictures during the month…

(and sry for my crappy english^^)

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  • Jump Manga Suspended for Tracing:
    I don’t give a shit. It looks good.

  • Jump Manga Suspended for Tracing:
    Of course he was probably getting payed next to nothing, but…

  • Jump Manga Suspended for Tracing:
    I’m Anon 11:06 Tracing like this isn’t necessarily bad and it is still a common practice, and I don’t disagree with artists doing it, but it does reflect poorly on the artist’s reputation and that of Jump if his manga only consists of copies of copyrighted work. Also if a complaint is made then he must compensate the owner of the photograph. My guess is the suspension has to do with such a complaint or a preemptive action to get all the legal aspects sorted out after the copying was brought …

  • Jump Manga Suspended for Tracing:
    No, this is plagiarism. He is copying to the T a copyrighted photo. If he took the photos off a legitimate photo database, either free or paid, then it would not be plagiarism. Just googling images and tracing/copying them and using it for your own work without the express permission of those who took the photo is copyright infringement. To clarify any photo of anything is always the property of the photographer, unless they have either sold or given away that right. Even wedding photos and the …

  • Jump Manga Suspended for Tracing:
    Yeah, so what… it could be considered the style. Some of the work is OBVIOUSLY traced/photoshopped. The only REAL issue is copyrights. For example, if he took a picture of a city – then converted into a manga style, its his. Taking someone else’s photo and doing the conversion… a no-no. Using free photos or even paid ones are not a problem. I have a legal collection of about 1 million photos on DVDs that I’m allowed to use for various things. I can search by subject, whatever.

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    Those white fanboys don’t own the IP. The Japanese writer, illustrator, and the publisher owns the IP, and they signed off on the project. Their thoughts are the only ones that matter. Everyone else kicking up a stink about it are just children throwing a tantrum and trying to bully the creators into giving into their racist fanboy demands.

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    If non whites want to make films they can do as they please. When white people make films for white audiences they’re going to use white actors. That’s all these sjw’s are good for: Whining about anything the white man does.

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    That weirded me out. Everyone else is westernized, why the fuck would you keep Watari of all people Asian?

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