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Thousands of girls would fuck a guy like Kame just for the sake of fucking him (and if you just want him for sex then who gives a shit about plastic surgery?) Most girls wouldn’t come near this mangaka, let alone fuck him, no matter what he wants people to think.

The main reason is that celebrities like Kame, despite all the effort that it takes to maintain their looks, are made to look effortless. This mangaka, on the other hand, looks like he’s trying too hard and calls attention to how false his “attractive” looks are. I’d imagine it’s how guys feel when they see a girl with make-up caked on.

The obvious fake looks, combined with his cam-whoring, don’t speak well for his confidence. And confidence is something that’s big when it comes to sex appeal.

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    Asian men in the media tend to be attractive in an exotic way. They show their sexual sides differently, and they don’t seem to have the endless need to prove how macho they are, which gets tiring on so many levels because guys who do it are clearly trying to hard. I think for a lot of girls it’s just something new.

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