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I see people bashing for three reasons

1) White people taking offense that he fixes himself up to have blonde hair, blue eyes, and white powder skin.
First blonde doesn’t look that great on him anyways, white people used color contacts just as much, and white powder is just an asian thing.
I’m a white girl and I do favor asian men looks to white guys… caucasian looks is not the end all you guys think it is.

2) Homophobic people bashing him because “he looks gay”. I follow a lot of jpop and kpop and I can tell you there are plenty of macho and manly men. But there are also guys that look more feminine like him, they are called flower boys, and more accepted there. Don’t have to be jealous.

3) Otaku jealous of another guy that can have some fame and actually talk to real girls.


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  • Pikupikun = “Japan’s Hottest Mangaka”:
    this dies looks like a fucking yugi oh character wtf

  • Pikupikun = “Japan’s Hottest Mangaka”:
    I think it would fuck with your opinion about him looking too fake if you saw hi in real life and notice he doesn’t have a stiff neck in that “must preserve my hairstyle way” Alot of these host guys are good at moving naturally, that’s part of why they pick up so many girls (from average to actually hot ones)

  • Pikupikun = “Japan’s Hottest Mangaka”:
    I’m a 5’2 girl and I want to fight him. God, I want to beat up this dork so bad. He tries so hard to look cool and yet look like a fool.

  • Pikupikun = “Japan’s Hottest Mangaka”:
    I agree with lady bane… kame looks much better than this guy plastic surgery or not… this guy looks like a clown to be frank because his hair and everything just looks so amateurish like hes trying so hard. also plastic surgery i dont think as that big of a deal so get over it, alot of my favorite stars like gackt also got it but i still love em. And its very common in the west, in fact we dont even blink an eye at it, end product is all that matters.

  • Pikupikun = “Japan’s Hottest Mangaka”:
    7:04 oh okay I can agree with that.

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