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I lol’ed so much.

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  • Atheists “Less Trusted Than Rapists”:
    Following a religion means that there is a specific book with a specific mythology that you look at and say “Yes, these are things I agree with and want to abide by.”. If that book has pedophilia, promotes making war on peaceful neighbors, and has detailed instructions for how to mutilate non-believers and those captured in battle, then I think it’s reasonable to say that I distrust someone who uses that material as a guidepost for their life.

  • Atheists “Less Trusted Than Rapists”:
    Stalin and Mao instituted mandatory religion. They just substituted the state in place of god. Forcing people to not worship any other gods was just a way to clear the field of any competitors.

  • Atheists “Less Trusted Than Rapists”:
    Yes. Japan also never signed the Geneva Convention. They did things to the prisoners in concentration camps that are very comparable to Nazi Germany at it’s worst, but I don’t think they’ve really accounted for their war crimes.

  • Atheists “Less Trusted Than Rapists”:
    Throw yourself into the nearest volcano you agnostic/secret christard piece of shit.

  • Atheists “Less Trusted Than Rapists”:
    Seems more like you’re the coward for not having an intelligent argument at hand. Say, aren’t you a little late for elementary, Timmy?

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    whats the sauce for the erina image on top?

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    Japanese fans, or some of those Mangakas need to learn how to shoot. Lots of non-newbie amateurish habits or techniques. Whenever I see them in anime or manga, I just mentally auto corrects them depending on which characters, so the characters can stay in-character and be who they supposedly are. At least they are not live action or regular movies with BS. Also a lot of the characters that knows their way around firearms are not on this list, but a lot with amatuerish habits are. And what is …

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    God, I read that as married.

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    ????? = wonderful


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