Aya Hirano = “Intelligentsia”


Aya Hirano’s lingering career now sees her appearing on game shows billed as “acting intelligentsia” and “super-popular seiyuu,” neither of which escapes the wrath of her legion of detractors – although everyone agrees she looks cute as a button in her glasses and school uniform…

Her latest appearance, on game show “Q-sama!!”:


Online, there is a certain amount of scepticism towards a woman who had difficulty putting her bikini on the right way up being billed as an intellectual actress:

“Intelli… gentsia?”

“Super… popular?”

“Her uniform resembles Haruhi’s but differs slightly – odd.”

“There really are some intelligent seiyuu, so why put a weirdo like her on?”

“[listing the others appearing:]
Wasabi Suita = High school graduate
Mayumi Tanaka = Junior college graduate
Yuuji Mitsuya = Meiji University graduate
Subaru Kimura = Attending university
Aya Hirano = Art college dropout”

“Mitsuya’s the best there!?”

“So basically this programme treats anyone coming out of a university as ‘intellentsia’…”


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