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keikaku doori

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  • Guilty Crown Bikini Anime:
    You mean with her dying in the last episode? Probably not much. The ending was utter bullcrap anyways.

  • Guilty Crown Bikini Anime:
    I can no longer be made happy by this post. Hare….. :*(

  • Guilty Crown Bikini Anime:
    same here but then again i don’t get why some shows are getting as much attention as they do so maybe i generally don’t understand other people’s tastes

  • Guilty Crown Bikini Anime:
    I would love to hear some legit reasons why this anime is similar to CG when it’s not. “Oh, a war between the government and a rebel group. Must be Code gayass. Oh, a main character with a special ability. Must be Code Gayass.” Congrats, you’re all calling it a copy of GC because of two factors that don’t even matter since most main characters have a special ability, and they all have to fight something. I do agree that it’s more like NGE though. I’m not seeing any legit reasons as to why you …

  • Guilty Crown Bikini Anime:
    A message for my slave: Here’s a protip: If you use a script, it only takes a few minutes to create 20+ accounts, since this site’s captcha sucks. In the time it took me to type this, I made 20 more just to test you. I order you to go find them, my slave. NOW :) Unlike you, who wasted hours creating them all by hand. How sorry I feel for you… So nope. I still won. :) -grandmaisdead AKA sweetnsour PS now that i know you weren’t using scripts like me, i have this piece of advice for you: Anyone …

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    Well yeah, it’s true that a toned midriff is one of the universally accepted indications of someone being fit and/or having a sexy body. That’s not quite the whole story. Navel fetishism is indeed a real fetish, and it’s different than just “wow, that’s a sexy body.” It’s like, being so incredibly turned on by tummies that all you think about is wanting to lick it / kiss it / cum on it / eat food off of it / whatever floats your goat, or that a tummy is even more exciting to you than the …

  • Attention Seeker Arrested For Crying Lion:
    Get out.

  • Top 20 Anime Songs with Female Vocals:
    I know and love every single one of those songs. This is one of the few “lists” I’ve seen posted here that I actually agree with.

  • Train Cop Stroker Busted:
    Girl knows how to fight back. Molesters you have been warned.

  • Attention Seeker Arrested For Crying Lion:
    except that isnt what this is about. the only man power that was lost were zoo employees, not rescue workers. the reason this dude got arrested is because japan has a stick up its ass and wanted to save face. no one bothered to fact check and find out that the guy just posted screenshots from a movie. if someone tweeted footage of the white house blowing up from independence day and claimed terrorists attacked, i can tell you this much for sure. america wouldnt lose their shit the way japanese …


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