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Dude, they called themselves “seinen” while turning out to be a mix of bland shounen and ecchi. This show is written by a bunch of big kids thinking they can crap out mature stuff just because they’re over 18 now.

Watching anime like these lowers our standards of what is supposed to be “good”.

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  • Guilty Crown Bikini Anime:
    I wonder what Inori would have to say about that.

  • Guilty Crown Bikini Anime:
    I’d rather more coverage on stuff like Mirai Nikki instead of this.

  • Guilty Crown Bikini Anime:
    If you’re in for the plot, you’re gonna be disappoint. If you’re in only for fanservice and naked chicks, you’re gonna be disappoint. If you would prefer your lead character not to be a whiner and jackass, you’re gonna be disappoint. The question is, “why do I want to watch this?”

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