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The male and female protagonist are very unappealing. Shu is a wimp and Inori is too boring. Tsugumi and Ayase have more personality than them and their supporting characters.

For people who haven’t watched it, don’t. Unless you like a mediocre version of CG with bad characters and same plot.

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  • Guilty Crown Bikini Anime:
    You mean with her dying in the last episode? Probably not much. The ending was utter bullcrap anyways.

  • Guilty Crown Bikini Anime:
    I can no longer be made happy by this post. Hare….. :*(

  • Guilty Crown Bikini Anime:
    same here but then again i don’t get why some shows are getting as much attention as they do so maybe i generally don’t understand other people’s tastes

  • Guilty Crown Bikini Anime:
    keikaku doori

  • Guilty Crown Bikini Anime:
    I would love to hear some legit reasons why this anime is similar to CG when it’s not. “Oh, a war between the government and a rebel group. Must be Code gayass. Oh, a main character with a special ability. Must be Code Gayass.” Congrats, you’re all calling it a copy of GC because of two factors that don’t even matter since most main characters have a special ability, and they all have to fight something. I do agree that it’s more like NGE though. I’m not seeing any legit reasons as to why you …

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    Considering it’s selling better than the ps vita ever did & is a huge success it wouldn’t surprise me to see a port of this (or the psp version) at some point. You go ahead & keel yourself chained to your TV, I’ll play & enjoy console games wherever the hell I want. Both Microsoft & sony have taken notice of the success of the Switch…but a Psycho SOny Crony like you wouldn’t know since you never look up from playstation.

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    No link to buy Not in VR?

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    another shitty animeted ntr crap…

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    He’s not the only one tired of hearing people like you cry out against anything not done in Japanese in an anime. You guys only show your bias when you make comments like that. Those anime he listed off do sound good in English so he’s right about that. Also how do you know he’s the same person since almost everyone on here responds as anon. By your faulty logic then all the anti English dubbing comments have also been done by one person…YOU, & that’s pretty sad.

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    You can see instructions on how to make these on Youtube. Chinese capitalism.


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