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Well, you have ‘everyone has a unique weapon’ + ‘only protag can use it’ with bonus ‘protag has luck+11′. This is slightly offset by the fact the fact that only Gai can see what everyone’s unique weapon is.

Eh, just enjoy the characters and the art. The ‘plot’ is there just to justify watching this series to people who can’t enjoy meaningless fluff like Haganai.

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  • Guilty Crown Bikini Anime:
    You mean with her dying in the last episode? Probably not much. The ending was utter bullcrap anyways.

  • Guilty Crown Bikini Anime:
    I can no longer be made happy by this post. Hare….. :*(

  • Guilty Crown Bikini Anime:
    same here but then again i don’t get why some shows are getting as much attention as they do so maybe i generally don’t understand other people’s tastes

  • Guilty Crown Bikini Anime:
    keikaku doori

  • Guilty Crown Bikini Anime:
    I would love to hear some legit reasons why this anime is similar to CG when it’s not. “Oh, a war between the government and a rebel group. Must be Code gayass. Oh, a main character with a special ability. Must be Code Gayass.” Congrats, you’re all calling it a copy of GC because of two factors that don’t even matter since most main characters have a special ability, and they all have to fight something. I do agree that it’s more like NGE though. I’m not seeing any legit reasons as to why you …

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    ( . ) ( . )

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    ( . )( . ) ( . )( . ) ( . )( . )

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