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It’s basically “Code Geass-Lite”

What CG managed to do in ONE episode (actually HOOK a majority of the audience)

GC barely managed that around episode 4-5, the one with “The Matrix Bubbles” gotta admit that was some pretty cool shit.

Aside from that one moment tho not much else good to say about the show. The creators or whatnot were recently interviewed and got jumpy when the question got asked to them about “How do you feel about your show being compared to Code Geass?”

I laughed at that moment, as if they didn’t fucking know, pff XD

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    This man is preaching the fucking gospel here, and what’s this about horse birthing? DId I miss that one? Could’ve sworn i dl’d every episode… hmmm…

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    Good stuff here people, watch and see, dont believe the anti-hype. Believe the hype, it’s Urobutcher after all ^ ^

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