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@Anon A single fanservice episode is not enough for that (not counting the boobs/asses shots we have every week), better have this show turned into an Infinite Stratos-like garbage if you want it to sell well this way. Otherwise,you should expect a violent plot twist to easily boost it to 20k without ruining the plot.

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    Well Accelerator is despicted as a lolicon by all the characters of the Novel (despite being technically just kind with young girls). And for those who asked “Ippo Tsuko” is just another surname people uses to refer to him (meaning One way road)

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    Now I get where all those Japanese child porn movie came from d(°TT°d)

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    Ok! I’ll go to Japan right away and watch this movie d(°TT°d)

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    I hope the parts with the nude 4eyed dude are still censored xD, and I’m also expecting a more dramatic bad ending … the demo’s was way too hilarious

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    Goddammit!! I’ve got no choice left now … *open the zipper and lower the pants* … sorry Yui-chan, it can’t be helped


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