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  • Free! Eternally Rotten:
    I must not have gotten the memo

  • Free! Eternally Rotten:
    It is really well animated and a good sports anime. Nice comedy and pretty good music.

  • Free! Eternally Rotten:
    You mean physically fit guys? I thought that’s always been the case.

  • Free! Eternally Rotten:
    The guy with the white hair and straight hair cut is pretty girly. Rei sounds very girly. I love this show btw.

  • Amorous Angel Cosplay by NonSummerJack:
    LOL at you who is interested in underage girls who don’t know what they want as opposed to legal girls who actually know how to work their bodies. What’s wrong, can’t handle a girl that actually asks to be pleased in a certain way? You scum.


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