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“Only virgins can be innocent and cute.
Everything else is used goods”
“used goods so loose and saggy.”

– There UGLY 20 years olds and there are HOT 40 year old mamas out there. Virgins have nothing to do with anything.

Used Goods? If you actually ever HAVE sex with a virgin, its only good for one time. Are you sweet and innocent? Masturbating sure ends your innocence.

– Women come in different sizes and styles (below).

I’ve meet a 35 yr old woman, a mother – with a killer body, great skin – like that of a teen. Darn it, she’s married! Grumble… I’d give her a 9 in the look.

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  • Shimoseka BD Endlessly Perverted:
    Oh Anna, like me, abuse me more!

  • Shimoseka BD Endlessly Perverted:
    Not the kind of uncensored i hoped for

  • Highschool DxD Born BD Brimming with Magic:
    A lot of DxD fans are here for the writing and character interactions. The comedy combined with the service makes for a really good combination together with the story. The art is significantly better in the LNs too. Season 3 ruined it though. Basically a sellout.

  • Highschool DxD Born BD Brimming with Magic:
    I’d rather they stop now, unless they plan to completely do 3 over like the first two seasons.

  • Highschool DxD Born BD Brimming with Magic:
    Thats because the third season was pretty bad they really dropped the ball. Season 1 and 2 may of shorted things here and there but it was a pretty good adaptation though the animation in fights sometimes let itself down. I did like the rating game fight at the end of season one though. I do question some of the character designs though sometimes such as Archangel Michael was very lacking and some of the sword designs are just too over the top and they made Koneko’s cat ears too big in season 3 …


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