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All voice actors the world over do that. Japan is the only country in the world where people care.

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  • Tokyo Bans Shingeki Assistant’s Manga as “Harmful”:
    Akamatsu is trying, Akamatsu has not succeeded. Yet.

  • Tokyo Bans Shingeki Assistant’s Manga as “Harmful”:
    The sooner she finds out how to cut out the worthless middlemen OR that money from sales outside of Japan is less hassle than sales in Japan, the sooner she can avoid having to deal with this shit ever again.

  • Chikan Forum Group Gropers Touch Up Wrong Woman:
    Wow. Loads of posts saying “oh, they shouldn’t get charged with x because y”; no posts about how utterly fucked up it must have been for the woman who got publicly groped on a train. Let me explain it for you dense motherfuckers. 1]. A man or woman hates a particular woman. 2]. He/she decides to get her attacked on a train by a bunch of brain-dead pervs; this is possible because of the target needing to keep a routine a relying on public transport. 3]. It only takes maybe an hour trolling, …

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  • Shibuya Football Hooligans “Almost As Bad As The English”:
    Football isn’t gay enough. I could deal with it if it was entirely gay or really not all that gay at all. They need to include either: [FULL GAY] a half time Baz Lurman musical, drag queens, pink fireworks, entire game played in stiletto heels AND lipstick OR [TOTAL NOT GAY] execution squads for anyone caught diving. I want to see a £10,000,000 transfer short dead in a friendly and given a cheap funeral (coffin made of cardboard or cigarette stubs). I’d be willing to compromise on the colour of …


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