Comment on Seiyuu Otaku’s Lowest Depths Plumbed in Ero-Manga by Anonymous:

The problem is as soon as a seiyuu is chosen for idol potential (face and body) rather than voice and acting skills we get a decrease in production VA quality.

I don’t care about them turning into famous idols or having a normal private life.
But I can’t stand:
– Seiyuu creating a false persona to financially milk otaku.
– Productions casting bad or unfitting voices cause the faces are cute or famous.
(I really hope the Aya “scandal” stopped the Kiss-shot job…)

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    Do you write “I don’t know” on your tests?

  • Teens Quizzed on 90s Anime “They Did Pretty Well!”:
    Hahaha, that female nerd was so enthusiastic about this quiz barely got any of them right.

  • Blizzard Purging All Overwatch Porn:
    Don’t they want publicity?

  • Blizzard Purging All Overwatch Porn:
    It’s because the ingame assets are used for porn, and the easy access of porn to all that they don’t want their Triple A blockbuster to be confused as a porn product by the gullible middle-men standing between Blizzard and their core audience of children, the parents. This is just due diligence to keep ahead of the army of puritans that reside in positions of power in the media.

  • Blizzard Purging All Overwatch Porn:
    Blizzard stopping Overwatch hentai and hentai videos? Waisting your time mate lol. Don’t throw away your money and effort towards this, it’s you guys’ fault for…creating the female characters with too perfect figures. But that IS EVERY GAME. Just saying. Let people do whatever, you’re still getting money from the game, so I don’t see the issue… Removing the porn and throwing censors everywhere, will just make people make more of the hentai. Logic.


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