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One piece will always be the one in my heart.

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  • Top 50 Manga Bestsellers of 2011:
    I’m pretty sure Natsu doesn’t want to find the dragon that is his ‘dad’ to kill him. Same with the other dragon slayers. It’s true though, FT is full of mini-arcs and fan-service.

  • Top 50 Manga Bestsellers of 2011:
    well i wouldnt say there isnt a main story line for fairy tail like i mean its abt natsu being a dragon slayer and dragons going missing on the same day year and month. so heres a thought that the dragon slayers haf to go find the dragons and kill them i dunno just a thought.

  • Top 50 Manga Bestsellers of 2011:
    Not really – One Piece has more sales then the other top EIGHT competitors. Pirates > Wizards + Ninjas + Exorcists + Food + Mangakas + Samurai

  • Top 50 Manga Bestsellers of 2011:
    you;re all crap

  • Top 50 Manga Bestsellers of 2011:
    where’s kenichi? i think it was pretty popular

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    this’ll be fun.

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    Games like Grand Theft Auto turn murder into a trivial entertaining act, and aside from a few puritans nobody seriously thinks its making murder more likely. The only difference with lolicon is that some people are too uptight about the whole concept to believe that it can be a fantasy and nothing else for lots of people. They just assume it’s going to make people commit rape for real, and they are willing to ignore all evidence, reason and logic to hang on to that idea. Case in point: “Draw a …

  • Triage X BD Still Unfathomably Sexy:
    You talking about Shouji’s brother, Daisuke, who was written HOTD but then dropped everything.

  • Triage X BD Still Unfathomably Sexy:
    With those shitty Xebec designs, retarded censorship, cheap adaptation and mediocre story, it’s no wonder no one cares about it enough to buy it. At least manga has superior Satou Shouji arr.

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