Comment on Fate/Extra Splendid Saber Figure by Anonymous:

Saber Extra is a different heroic spirit, so her tits are bigger.

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  • Fate/Extra Splendid Saber Figure:
    Sadly, Saber Bride’s face is the same as her predecessors

  • Fate/Extra Splendid Saber Figure:
    Joan of Arc is definitely different! Caster is blind although his eyes are huge ~_~

  • Fate/Extra Splendid Saber Figure:
    a) Cancelled product, so not canon technically. b) The helmet might be throwing you off. Remove it and she’d look a lot more like Arthuria or Nero for that matter. Just the gowns are somewhat different.

  • Fate/Extra Splendid Saber Figure:
    Thats sweet

  • Fate/Extra Splendid Saber Figure:
    None of the above Gitami. Arthuria, Nero and Joan just happen to look like one and other. Random happenstance, fairly rare, but it does happen, as in the RL example I mentioned about that chap who looked like an older version of myself. The whole Grail screwing thing is a no go, when you consider that the Lancer from F/Z and F/SN look very different from one and other. So the idea that the Grail forces the Servant Classes into a particular form doesn’t bear weight. Heck, just check the Wiki. …

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  • Scantily Clad Kill la Kill Cosplay by Mikehouse Dead Sexy:
    I don’t get it either, the shoulders are wider than is usual for a girl indicating it might be a tranny (there definitely aint a penis down there, but that can be removed easily). However I guess the biggest indicator that this is not a tranny is that a tranny would probably never use a male name to represent themselves after the lengths they’ve gone through to appear female which is well known (they might not try very hard to hide the fact that they’re trannies if asked, but they won’t go out …

  • Dead or Alive 5: LR Valentine’s DLC Raunchy & Romantic:
    Threesome with Kasumi and Helena for me. It be be all out too, with yuri activity, double TF, GS, oral in all its forms and of course, two Vs to fill.

  • Bathing Shinobu Figure Superbly Sweet:
    I’d love to glaze her donut holes.

  • Scantily Clad Kill la Kill Cosplay by Mikehouse Dead Sexy:
    Someone needs to tell her to stop doing the vulture neck…

  • Gate Overflows with Drama:
    … they’re following the LN version. The Manga is following the LN version too. The thing is. They’re skipping all the guro, rape, and “bad” things. And they skip and change lots of things, to suit a younger audience. Such is that they’re able to catch up so fast… The story progresses steoriotypical. Itam wins. War breaks out. More Japanese is great and fanservice.


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