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36% of 16-19-Year-Old Boys “Sexless”


Japanese statistics which suggest over a third of male youths and nearly two thirds of female youths have no interest in or an active dislike of sex have lately been exciting the concern of Japanese online.

The results of the latest governmental survey of Japanese attitudes to sex and marriage, undertaken every 5 years, reveal a society in which men and women are apparently increasingly alienated from one and other.

The survey found 61% of unmarried men aged 18-34 have no girlfriend, a 9.2% increase from 2005. For women, 50% had no boyfriend (suggesting they are tending to date older men).

45% of both sexes actually said they were not particularly interested in dating someone of the opposite sex.

A quarter of unmarried men and women in their late thirties also reported having had no sexual experiences at all.

However, despite all this, both sexes do apparently desire marriage – 86% of unmarried men and 89% of unmarried women report wanting to wed. Over 40% reported economic uncertainties as preventing their marriage.

A related survey of young people aged 16-19 found extraordinarily low levels of interest in sex amongst youngsters – 36% of boys reported having “no interest” in or “dislike” of sex, up 19% in only 3 years, and amongst girls it was up 12% to 59%.

A wide variety of interpretations of such findings have been proffered, although thus far nobody has actually attempted to do anything about the issue.

The increasingly destitute younger generations of men (who are more often than not expected to sustain a dedicated housewife whether or not children are involved) are thought to be deferring marriage and even dating for financial reasons.

More speculatively, there are some who consider their traditional masculinity to be increasingly in doubt, with the media having concocted such terms as “herbivorous men” to highlight the trend.

Women meanwhile face problems of their own – those in their late twenties and beyond are widely regarded as having poor marriage prospects, if any, and some do not even find the prospect of married life appealing in the first place.

It has also been frequently suggested that they tend to have unrealistic expectations as to the income and status of their desired husband, which when coupled with low incomes for young men and their own short shelf-life serves to drive marriage rates down further still.

As the actual numbers of Japanese besotted with such solitary pursuits as doll fancying and anime watching are insignificant, it is unlikely such pastimes have anything more than a tiny effect – although they do make inviting targets for media and political harangues.

2ch has some interesting alternative interpretations (focused exclusively on the issue of young people not having sex, for some reason):

“Virgin excuses.”

“Isn’t that when you most want it?”

“They should be at it like monkeys at that age. Japan is done for.”

“So let us have the women your age if you don’t want them. Make it legal already.”

“But aren’t the virginity rates of high schoolers still lower than ever?”

“Women are filthy inside and out, so it’s no surprise.”

“It’s a hassle dating people. Onanism is easy.”

“I heard they were all doing it at that age. I guess only the girls are getting any action then…”

“They arrest people for doing it with 16 and 17-year-olds, yet these idiots are saying we face a catastrophic decline in birth rates?”

“Even a plain girl looks enticing at 18. If you arrest everyone older who has sex with them it’s not really surprising you get ruined birth rates.”

“If you continuously hammer elementary schoolers and up with horror tales of abortions, STDs and AIDS, it’s obvious they will view sex with revulsion when they mature.”

“I think the real issue is that the ideal partners both men and women seek have been continuously getting more and more unrealistic as the years progress.”

“Banning sex from TV and putting mosaics on everything can’t have helped.”

“Now they can get uncensored porn off the Internet, so who needs the real thing.”

“I’ve done 3 girls as a 19-year-old student. But it’s such a hassle. You old guys can have my sex quota.”

“A lot of young people are overly fastidious when it comes to personal cleanliness. You should just dump those ideas and let nature take its course.”

“Having a shower before sex, another one after. It’s too much hassle.”

“Blame the Bubble generation. Watching your parents greedily cheating and whoring is anough to put anyone off sex.”

“It’s not about people not wanting sex. Everyone wants it. It’s that to get to have sex, the amount of effort and money required have become insane.”

“There are too many good eroge these days.”

“It’s all a lie, they are just embarrassed.”

“If you watch an AV you really wouldn’t want to do it.”

“What do you expect, if you arrest every guy who has sex with a girl.”

“If ero is bad and sex is viewed as wicked, as they increasingly seem to be, it’s no surprise you see lowered interest in them.”

“Onaholes feel too good. It feels better doing one of them whilst being embraced by a woman than it does actually doing the woman, seriously!”

“2D + onahole > 3D sex. Hurry up and make a machine so we can have sex with 2D girls.”

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  • Poor people D:! I could not live without having sex .. not like there are some who are still virgins at 30. But suppose that the relations between them are not very good because men have a world of anime, idols and much material for masturbation … what divides a lot of girls. I do not know really can do about it, to return to their more united society … but I know they are shit xD

  • I noticed something a while ago;People, no matter where in the world, seems to have forgotten one thing: the reason why Girl/Boyfriend,is called so. It seems that we have forgotten that the person is called ‘Friend’, whether it is a boy or a girl.

    You could them partner too. But the bottom line is that you share a special bond with that person. It is a friend. Your actual friends are not people that you met last night, are they? How good are your relationships with such people? Well same applies to that person. You can sleep with many without knowing anything about them. It doesn’t matter. It is actually healthier than being with someone who gives you a fake image of purity because (s)he hangs around you mostly. At the end of the day, those who say “I won’t go for a one-night-stand; Who knows where they may have been before… ” don’t understand a thing.

    Your ‘loyal’ partner could be doing just the same when you are not looking. The funny thing is, you might not even notice. Did it hurt you? Nope. But you will still need to get that fixed. Dialogue and tolerance are there for that very purpose. But these too require from you to be honest with yourself; What would YOU like?

    I’ve seen many interesting guys and girls. Interesting conversationwise. Turned out later that they were into kinky stuffs that the wizards here only read in Hentais. And you would never know after an entire evening talking to them. Some of them are now friends of mine. I have NEVER slept with them. It may or may not happen but that is not the bond i share with them in the first place.

    Even if the girl/guy is interesting, there is no telling whether you are going to like/be able to put up with how he behaves in general. even after a good convo. Sex is like playing soccer on sunday, in the openfield, it does feels really nice when it is with a team you know well, but it doesn’t mean it won’t feel nice with random people. In any case, after you scored, turn around and go home.

    For those who never had sex, they are just making excuses because they don’t even know what turns them on. Saying that you ‘reserve’ yourself for the signficant one doesn’t mean anything if you are going to change that anytime in the future. And it won’t make it more amazing than when you do not think that way but still really love your partner. Everyone who goes to a theme park for the first get their minds blown. But they will really know why only when they go back. Sex is the same. Love is the same.

    You guys are not special. Neither is sex. But it is something that is worth learning about to enjoy it. And learning without practice is for naught.

  • Who in their right mind would want to start a family in Japan anyway? It’s the last place on earth you’d want to “enjoy” the extra hassle of having to care for even more problems. The Japanese are slowly digging their own graves with their repressive “social system”, or how i call it “hell on earth”.

    Why do YOU think they have such a fucked up hentai/porn/red light industry in the first place? Because that the safest way to live out their fantasies. Real life is sucking every form of enjoyment out of them.

    Marriages (out of true love) are in recess just as much as birth rates. Divorces/Unfaithfulness are commonplace.

    As things are, they are fucked. What they need is social reforms as much as better working conditions with actual worker unions protecting the rights of the working people. Sure they earn a lot of money, but they literally have no time or drive to actually make a living that worth to live.

  • I’m 19, virgin, and I think that sex is overrated. 3D girls will always be ugly compared to 2D girls. 3D girls are annoying as fuck and will cause you endless problems, ask you for money, ask for your attention and so on. My hand doesn’t complain. 2D girls don’t complain. My goal in life is to live alone and dedicate my entire life to doing whatever makes me happy.

  • wtf………….thats all i have to say to this, 36% of boys dont think of or dislike sex!? wtf!!! and 59 percent of girls dont like it either….. and 45 percent of men and women have no interest in sex… i really wanna know whats happening over there. is the media portraying sex as bad and evil in japan? are people having such high standards as to dismiss 60 percent of the potential partners they meet? or are most of the men going for 5-12 year old girls and the woman are disgusted by it?

  • This is what happens when you treat every man as a potential sex offender, convict them and ruin their lives.

    Women only hotel floors, women only train carriages,.. what’s next, women only streets and parks?

  • “traditional masculinity to be increasingly in doubt” – yeah.. that’s the case ladies and gentlemen. Actually I’m not surprised. Most people desire good job and safe life rather than partner. Its similar im most of the biggest countries in the world.

  • I do not think they re not interested in sex, it is more like they are looking for a more interesting female to be with instead of wanting to fuck any receptive female who is not repulsive.

    some people want love before sex. My mother says that having sex with the one you are in love is makes it feel even better πŸ˜›

  • Well, this isn’t just a Japanese phenomenon, in my opinion; I would think that in North America, the same trend is occurring. In fact, the marriage rate in the United States of America has been declining since the 1970s. Now obviously, marriage rate and sex rate aren’t one and the same, but they definitely follow a close pattern.

    With news on increasing divorce rates, with men not being able to see their children again/restricted from seeing them, losing everything due to a divorce, and unfair court laws favoring the mother, a lot more men have very good reasons to be wary of sex and marriage. Especially when taking into account the cost of education, with more young men and women pursuing post-secondary education in an ever-increasing competitive market, knowing that financial stability is important in sustaining a family. Maybe young people these days are trying to play it a little too safe, “have a family after I finish school,” or “have a family when I can afford to provide for them,”; more people are acknowledging the risks.

    I don’t know about you all, but my family’s relationship is strained due to financial hardships; father is working most of the time to make ends meet; mother is learning a 2nd job to help… Think about family’s whose relationships are weak because people are worrying about paying the bills on time–and this situation can be brought about by an unexpected change in the market.

    I don’t know. Me personally at 18 year’s old, I am a virgin mainly for a different reason; because I know I don’t have enough interpersonal responsibility, or responsibility period, to keep my significant other happy–something that everyone should deserve. Sustaining a family isn’t exactly easy, and having to deal with an unhappy wife won’t help matters. And if I were to invest my time and emotions (and money) on a woman, I would want to be with her for a long time, and only marry her because both she and I are reasonably confident that we can successfully make ends meet in the long run…

    Seems like I’m holding back because I find marriage too risky.

  • I think this is a sign of family disorder.

    Essentially, Japan undergoes rather radical change, when read-from-books traditions simply do not fit the reality.

    Or to put it in simpler terms: if mother and father failed to teach their son that all girls are sluts, then consequently all girls would remain the uptight virgins. (Works too going with the matriarchal side.)

    All what’s needed is to relax the laws for sexual harassment. πŸ˜‰

  • It’s actually easy to get sex without a relationship.. Even though “honban” is illegal at “health” shops you can still get it if you frequent the shop often enough and stick to the same girl, depending on the shop, it’s not crazy expensive either. Maybe 100USD (12,000 Yen ish).

    Still a booming red light district in Osaka too (Tobita).

    • Buy why would anyone pay to fuck some cum dumpster whore that could fit a double fist and forearm in her vagina? Why pay for a bitch so loose you gotta reach your whole fucking arm in to jerk yourself off while inside her, and risk getting diseases to boot? Bitches like that deserve to be spit on, not paid a single cent.

  • I definitely blame the mutual unrealistic expectations Japanese society has placed on their youth.

    for girls: get a rich, powerful guy from a good family

    for guys: get a cute, virgin girl who will worship you no matter what.

  • I think these statistics should be normal (why do children need to have sex anyways they are irresponsible, we have enough problems with irresponsible adults so children definitely shouldn’t be fucking…) Look at all the retards and genetic pond scum that have fucked up our world. The right to reproduce should be regulated by the strong, intelligent, and powerful. We should look the the wolf pack for a type to follow as example (Alpha male and female in a pack are only ones who reproduce and live). From an evolutionary standpoint this makes perfect sense.

  • To be honest, looking at everything I know about Japanese women by now I would stay clear of them. They’re absolutely not desirable for many many many many reasons. I really pity the Japanese guys for having to put up with them. It’s no wonder so many of them are falling for 2D characters.

  • This is how a society kills itself – it’s so uptight and money-focused that people actively stop trying to get together… The freeters and parasite singles should just realize they are never going to have much money, and it’s more fun to be having sex with each other now than it is waiting for the magical pile of cash to appear.

    There is no lack of desire, but with the expectation that men will provide for women (dead in reality in this economy), it’s not hard to see why men turn away. But it is pathetic that the women also don’t consider their position…

    It’s like the Japanese nation is one big anime club – a bunch of sexually repressed people too crazy and socially akward to realize they could just have sex with each other.

    • I think this is correct

      The obsession with money mirrors the attitude of social conformity in Japan, since money is itself a form common to the millions.

      Fortunately the solution is as easy as ignoring the social pressures and following your instincts. There is hope.

  • Well, I’m 29 in dec and I’m still a virgin…the problem is the girls I’m interest in aren’t interested in me….and the girls that are interested in me I’m not interested in them….and I’m not attracted to purely physical aspects, I love women that I can hold a scientific discussion with..sigh…I think I’m screwed because I’m a medical scientist..nerd..and average looking..sigh..

    • Yeah, what Anon 06:48 said. Also, all parents want their girls to marry doctors or lawyers, so you’ll never run out of demands.

      Well, I would suggest striking conversations with young girls from medical schools. Some of them ought to be actually interested in what they’re studying, and you’ll also have the advantage of an older senpai πŸ˜‰

    • You’re not screwed, you’re playing it smart.

      Too many guys fall right into women’s hands and fall for their games, giving women all the power over them.

      The fact that you demand that a girl can hold a conversation will drive the gold-diggers, whores, and lazy ass bitches away from you.

      • Sadly the reason so many girls suck these days is because men made them that way. Men want so desperately to get laid that they will bend over backwards for any woman who even hints that they might have sex with them. Or hell, even if they are attractive enough.

        If more men would have higher standards about who they gave their time and attention to, girls would have to step it up.

        Imagine the look on some attention whoring tease’s face when you pass her buy for the more conservative girl who can actually hold a conversation. I’ve seen it, and it’s always priceless.

        • It works both ways.

          Men’s short term goals (desire for easy sex) can be incompatible with their long term. (Marriage to a virtuous woman.)

          Women’s short term goals – and indeed, attractions – are basically flings with socially dominant or high status men, regardless of commitment or emotional availability. Their short term behavior doesn’t encourage the right qualities in the opposite sex either.

        • I think that’s a valid explanation.

          It’s just that people treat dating scene as a ‘game’ too much. It’s taken way too lightly and while guys may think it might actually benefit them, they don’t because the ultimate choice is left to the girls.

          It’s funny, because treating it all like some game kind of puts a serious twist to it all, in that it’s something that is hard to win or that there’s a specific formula to succeeding.

          Just be zen and let attraction take place naturally and just do whatever to find someone. Maybe ignore the idiotic social norms (at least barring from barbarism or total inappropriateness) and try to enjoy life and make a progress.

          I won’t mince any words, the Internet and all the hyperconnectivity of modern society is partially to blame. It makes our paranoia go ever deeper and most people probably can’t handle it as well as they may say they do. I’d imagine that if one wanted to act upon an attraction before the Internet, people would do the sensible thing and actually reach out to a person they like by meeting, dating or using telephones. The net and all the ways we keep pondering and exploring ways to communicate, it confuses most people.

      • That’s very true. There has to be a common ground SOMEWHERE where you two can see eye-to-eye… and not being able to hold a mutual conversation pertaining to each others’ interests is definitely not a good sign.

  • The guide to increasing birth rates!

    Step 1: Drop the cost of alcohol.
    Step 2: Start nightly power conservation, giving only businesses energy to stay open.
    Step 3: Drop the price of love hotels.

    Congratulations, people are now getting drunk and fucking because there’s nothing else to do and its easier.

  • β€œIt’s a hassle dating people. Onanism is easy.”

    β€œIt’s not about people not wanting sex. Everyone wants it. It’s that to get to have sex, the amount of effort and money required have become insane.”



  • Once you realize, that you dont have to have sex or a girlfriend in order to live a happy life, that you can really do anything you want, that is true freedom.
    People might call that egoistical.

    And about that declining birth rate ? Just set retirement age to 90 and legal age to 16 – problem solved.

    • Women realized this years ago. It’s just men who cling to the idea that they are nothing if they don’t have sex.

      You see it here all the time with people talking big and over-exaggerating whenever they see a hot girl so everyone will believe they are straight or sexually active or into women. We get it, you’re attracted to women. Now go live your life.

    • I would tend to agree, however personally I feel like living a happy life would sometimes feel fairly pointless without someone to share it with. Some people need companionship, which can make life difficult at times.

      As far as the declining birth rate goes, isn’t japan’s population super high with regard to the total amount of land they have? so it seems like it wouldnt be such a bad thing for the birth rate to slow down for a while

      • No, declining birthrate means that one this generation pass onto retirement age, there would be significantly less workforce in the following generation, which means the burden of society would be harder on those young people.

        • Too bad everyone loves Ponzi schemes and pushing debt, a polluted environment, resource shortages, economic problems, and generally anything bad onto future generations, at least if they’re not going to have to endure it themselves by being alive when the shit hits the fan. And of course old people dominate politics, especially in Japan, ensuring that such problems persist.

  • Once again its all the fault of battery operated dildos girls use. Once they got something that vibrates with the plunge it was over for males, now all girls do is try to see how fast they can kill their boy friends in a contest between each other.

    • Most men are annoying and not worth putting time into them. Japanese men especially. They think they shouldn’t have to put any work into bettering themselves and that they are somehow entitled to having an attractive girl who waits on them hand and foot. And to top it all off most Asian men suck in bed and have small dicks.

      So yeah, I’ll take the dildo thanks. Feels a hell of a lot better and there is no annoying bastard to put up with after.

      (This isn’t against all men. Just the types who think they should get the best kind of girl for being a far below average man. And I’m sorry to say most of the men I’ve encounter in Japan were this sort.)

      • And attitudes like that are the reason why guys don’t want to have anything to do with parasitic cunts anymore… that and that 2d is just sooo much better and doesn’t small bad !


        PS: Women are mentally just like children, who cares what they “think” anyway…

        • Above comments – good… and sad.

          A friend of mine, she didn’t have a good sexual time with an Asian man. He was nice and all, but as she puts it “His dick was the size of your pinky” – Ouch!

          I feel sorry for them being sexless.

          But its good for population control.

        • This is a common complaint from Asian women. I thought everyone knew this by now.

          Asian women tend to go for Western men because they won’t be treated as second class citizens, Western men tend to not be embarrassed to say “I love you” or to do romantic things or show affection in general, and Western men will generally support you with whatever your dreams or job goals are since most people in Western countries are used to living with a second income.

          Also, most Japanese men stop treating their wives as sexual beings once this kids come, so she is forced to live a sexless marriage. And usually during this time the man is paying for sex on the side while she’s taking care of his children. The general thinking is that “If you pay for it, it isn’t cheating.”

        • Probably by living in Japan and listen to Asian women. From the fact that you’ll never hear Asian women talk about how great an Asian man was in bed? From listening to women come to the states from Japan and exclaim how much better foreign men are in bed?

          Just my guesses.

  • β€œIf you continuously hammer elementary schoolers and up with horror tales of abortions, STDs and AIDS, it’s obvious they will view sex with revulsion when they mature.”

    Pretty much where I’m at except the revulsion part. Plus I’m a type O so I think it’s best I try to remain clean. I just wish they’d stop accusing me of buying a hooker =P

  • Well I’m almost 24. Virgin, tall, slim, smart and pretty good looking, I actually feel sorry for all these girls obviously feeling nervous aside of me or thinking I want to socialize with them whenever I give them a fake smile.

    My tastes are definitely heterosexual yet I’m not interested in women. I’m kinda fucked up I know but I enjoy life that way, I pushed the notion of individualism a bit too far I think though.

    • This is just something men like to tell themselves because they want to believe they’ll eventually be successful and that women will eventually be all over them even though no one wants them at the moment. It’s all bullshit.

      Women value youth also. Younger men are more attractive, sexier, stronger, and last longer in bed. No girl wants some balding, wrinkling, old man. If she does get with a man like that, she’s waiting for him to die. But if she has a chance with a younger rich guy, that’s the obvious decision.

      Seriously guys it’s common sense. Who the fuck would want some old dude?

      • Another danger with this thinking is that it will almost always NEVER happen. You can always say “one day I’ll be rich” or “one day women will like me.” You’re really just fooling yourself. It’s good to look ahead, but a lot of men build themselves up for a future that probably won’t happen.

        The best you can do is try to be successful and improve the person you are RIGHT NOW. Or before you know it you’ll look back and see nothing but wasted time.

      • Depends. Men in Asia are traditionally the ones who makes money for the family, so parents would want their daughters to have a husband who’s financially capable. That’s what they usually tell the girls, instead of encouraging them to search for their own careers. Heck, some parents even discourage such thing.

        The girls grow up believing in things like that, so that’s what they would expect from their husbands. Those who do get married tend to teach their daughters the same thing their mothers taught them, and here we are.

        • I don’t know what country you’re talking about, but it isn’t Japan. Japan is all about the young men also. We always hear about the female idol worship, but the male idol worship over there is just as hazardous, if not more. The men work just as hard to look young, and they do get outdated quickly.

          Now if you’re talking about China, I might be inclined to agree. I’ve had experience with both and the status and money seeking women were actually worse from China (and Japan was bad enough!)

    • Or girls like older men because they are more sexy than those virgins writing on [insert 4chan-ish site here] all night.

      Money doesn’t mean everything. It’s a turn-on, but not necessary.

      • Women generally like men a little older than them, but saying women like “older men” is a myth. Youth is valued just as much in women. Men who say otherwise need to stop asking other men what women like.

  • Considering Asian women never look good beyond age 20 (and only rarely before), their practice of keeping men from having sex with the only desirable age range of their women having a detrimental effect really isn’t so surprising.

    Then add on that they get exposed to images of white actresses and models, and get to see uncensored porn of very attractive caucasian girls who actually groom themselves, there’s really no wonder they look at most of their native population and balk.

    I’d be a virgin too, if I were one of them.

    • There is nothing wrong with being a virgin.

      For some reason guys view it as some sort of triumph when they have sex, which is why so many of us girls look at them like they’re morons. Great, you had sex, so what? Tomorrow you’ll wake up and still be the same person you always were, except you’ll walk around thinking you’re badass for doing what humans have been doing for centuries.

      If you’re masculine/cool/strong/desirable then you’ll be that whether or not you had sex. If you’re some weak/unintelligent/boring/loser you’ll be that whether or not you had sex.

      • I wouldn’t say that.
        Men who are more comfortable around women are far more likely to learn how to properly flirt with them. If they had mental insecurities which are alleviated by having sex, then yes, those men will become more attractive to girls as they learn the “tricks of the trade”.

        Being the traditionally “passive” gender, it may be difficult for you to see it, but men are often under a lot of pressure when dating. It’s not just a potentially social awkward situation we are facing when we approach a women, but also our pride as men (will she reject us) and our sense of value as people (how will she reject us). That we have to deal with it as kids (=mentally immature as opposed to actual age) doesn’t help the matter either.

        I know girls don’t have it easy either, but the pressure we face when dealing with the opposite sex is entirely different.

        • I can understand and respect the efforts that go into getting a girl to pay attention to you, but it doesn’t make it any less pathetic and unattractive when guys act like sex is some extreme achievement.

          RELATIONSHIPS take effort. To get that to work is an achievement. But a girl can decide to have SEX with you if you’re attractive enough and then move on and not give you another thought ever again. So acting like sex is some highlight of your life is a bit ridiculous.

          Everyone does it, it’s nothing new, you’re not new and cool for doing it. A lot of guys don’t get this.

      • So very true, but the badassery-ness comes from the biological switch that you’ve done your duty at procreating, even if no actual children are born. It’s fulfilling your purpose in life and now that you’ve finished your homework you can prance around.

        • I agree with you about it being a biological switch, but in the end it makes those guys look extremely unattractive.

          It makes those guys look pathetic, like some guy who thinks he’s badass for finally finding out the sky is blue when people have already been there, done that, for centuries.

      • Guys think its kind of a “triumph” because they had you and used you like the meat puppet you are. And zhe fact that you don’t get that is why guys rightfully think you’re just a bunch of morons…

        That and that in the end you always go down… like the little bitches you are…


        • PirateKing must be a trolling female. No straight male actually talks like that.

          Feminists made up the whole “men use women for sex” thing so they could win more court cases for false charges against men.

        • @1:39
          Yep.The feminazis have claimed another victim.

          Except in the cases of rape, men have always known that sex is mutual and that you can’t use a woman for it.

          The moment people (usually angry women) started to believe that men could, feminists could continue pushing the agenda that men are users and should be treated like shit, while women are always innocent and never asked for the completely mutual act.

          Shit like this is why we have so many false rape charges against men, and why women get away with it.

          (Damn thing isn’t showing my comment so sorry if it double posts).


        • @1:39
          Yep.The feminazis have claimed another victim.

          Except in the cases of rape, men have always known that sex is mutual and that you can’t use a woman for it.

          The moment people (usually angry women) started to believe that men could, feminists could continue pushing the agenda that men are users and should be treated like shit, while women are always innocent and never asked for the completely mutual act.

          Shit like this is why we have so many false rape charges against men, and why women get away with it.

        • This doesn’t make any sense. You can’t “use” someone for sex if it’s a mutual act of satisfaction.

          If you think you can use a woman for sex clearly the feminists have won you over and gotten into your brain.

    • It’s called talking shit. Random anonymous people from Japan think they know better. Society is the one causing these changes (or maybe its the water too?). Doesn’t matter. We should live with these people because we’re supposed to be in an age of mutual respect. The internet is full of trash talkers in all countries though. Artefact, does his best to make sure we see the trash talk from 2ch. After all if 4chan /b/ is trash and this is all based on 2ch…

      Is the research article itself taking some sort of negative bias too or just the random online people from Japan? Whatever the cause it’s no one groups fault and besides you’d have to find a “fault” first anyway.

      Alot of people don’t want to have sex at 16-19. GOOD. Less teenage pregnancies in general. Education, seems to work. Who would’ve thought?

      • The only crime is the way Japanese handle sex.

        Guys who lose their virginity just to lose it have already handed over their balls and their control to women.

        If there is one thing I’d tell young guys it would be to stop worrying girls and start worrying about getting their shit together. After all, in the end, girls won’t give a damn when you lost your virginity, but they will care if you have your life together (especially in Japan.)

        Most guys use sex as something to brag to other guys with. Why are you trying to impress them? Are you a fag? No? Okay then go do something to impress the women.

  • Ah, the eccentricities of an island nation. Being cut of from the rest of the world, you’d think it was a sexual paradise. Every Japanese porn I’ve seen has had practically a stable of new faces, so it’s not like you should take those survey results at face value.

  • I didn’t get laid till I was twenty five. I feel kind of embarrassed to say that because as a guy it makes you seem lame to other guys that you didn’t get laid at around age 16. I think my problem was lack of self confidence. There were plenty of women I could have screwed, but I just didn’t have the confidence. Of course now that I do have confidence I’m married and I see all of these girls I know I would ask out, but can’t. It makes me feel sad in a weird sort of way. Like I’ve missed out on something.

    • You should probably focus on your marriage and your wife instead of all these girls you want to ask out.

      I appreciate attractive women like the next guy, but you made a commitment. Stick with it, work on it, and be happy with it.

    • “I don’t know what I’d do if I were still a virgin at 18”

      Eh, I remember how some people would make fun of 16 y.o virgins back when I lived in TX.
      You probably wouldn’t do anything if it happens. Pathetic to actually put importance in such a thing and it’ll be best for you if you start deciding things on your own instead of absorbing your surrounding’s ‘trends’ such as this one. (general use of ‘you’, not specifically Karasu123)

      Shower before or after isn’t bad depending on what you did before and if you have things to do afterwards, but eh how the 2ch comment brought it up was weird: taking one before and after? Paranoid much or unlucky enough to have strong odor issues? Although tbh using 10mins total for 2 showers isn’t a problem either, but I wouldn’t want to start doing this or I’ll have to spend more simply on water usage 😐

  • β€œOnaholes feel too good. It feels better doing one of them whilst being embraced by a woman than it does actually doing the woman, seriously!”

    I always laughed at the guys using the fancy onahole thingies until I had to try one because I lost a bet and damn those things are much better than the real deal. I mean that thing was just mindblowing… whenever you want…no whining and dining and putting up with all the crap just *bam*.

    I do like my gf though because after all that garbage skanks I unfortunately had to go through she is truly a keeper (smart, funny *and* nice) but if that wasn’t the case, I think I’d prefer to stay single with an asortment of kinky onaholes, keep my money for myself and hang out with my friends instead of wasting time dating those mindless retards which unfortunately > 95% of women tend to be…

    And whenever they can get those onaholes to cuddle and make me something to eat women are in *real* trouble and I mean “lets round ’em up and shoot those useless parasite bitches” kind of trouble…


  • Here is the problem! – Girls should be taught to ‘LOWER Their standards’ and the function of Marriage is PROCREATION! – Boys should be taught a positive work ethic and that SEX should be ‘Respected’ but Embraced as a MANLY Duty to his wife and Japan.

    Guys will basically have sex with almost Any average girl, Women have UNrealistical expectations about LifeStyles. Is it any wonder so many Japanese men LOVE ‘MOE’ and pure 2-D girls. 2-D girls are loving, warm, and UNJudgemental! Women just want a Guy to ‘take care’ of them regardless of age! Men have become MORE Sensitive & Women more independent – there’s you’re problem.

    • Spoken like someone who has never been to Japan.

      The men in Japan aren’t any more sensitive. They still treat their women as second class citizens. I can’t wrap my mind around telling a woman you love her, and then not treating them as a valuable human being.

      It’s the men in Japan who have unrealistic expectations, including telling a woman to give up her dreams for the sole purpose of waiting on him and foot.

      And if you want a marriage for procreation, then that’s your business. I’m not putting a ring on it just for that.

      • Bingo. I’ve never been to Japan, and only know a handful of Japanese people, but it definitely seems like a very chauvinistic society. Maybe that’s why all male characters in anime/manga are complete pussies? A reaction from more westernized Japanese men to the rest of their society? Maybe not; as an American there are some things that go over my head in regards to Japanese society.

        • I think that’s the way they actually view themselves. They probably don’t see it as wussy, but it clearly is. I think part of the problem is the male characters are just like Japanese men want to be: They want to sit around on their asses and want to believe that no matter how pathetic they are some wonderful girl will fall into their laps without any effort on their parts.

          Western men, on the other hand, realize that in order to get great things to happen, you generally have to at least ATTEMPT to be great. Yes, there are lucky ones, but even they aren’t stupid enough to believe that being a wuss who sits on your ass will get you great things.