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Biribiri wins?

Confirmed for cheating pandering shit.

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  • SaiMoe 2011 = Biribiri Winner:
    AST is not much better anyways. None of the madoka characters are moe at all. They are all ridiculously overrated.

  • SaiMoe 2011 = Biribiri Winner:
    If touhou was part of this you’ll see more of them in that rankings

  • SaiMoe 2011 = Biribiri Winner:
    Biribiri is a pretty cool protag. Definitely like her more than those other chicks and Touma.

  • SaiMoe 2011 = Biribiri Winner:
    If Vocaloid was an Anime, the tables would be turned upside down.

  • SaiMoe 2011 = Biribiri Winner:
    SaiMoe? IM 12 AND WHAT IS THIS You make it sound as though ANY of these popularity contests MEAN something. There’s SO MUCH RELEVANCY.. who won last year, and was your 2D waifu excited about it? Did she get more airtime? Get a grip. This is the same bullshit lists Artefag posts every day, except you fags all fall for it because you voted in it.

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