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I guess guys are different- my boyfriends have never minded me asking about their exes, and I haven’t minded them asking about my exes, even about sexual experiences with them.

In fact, it’s actually gotten things going before.

You may be wondering why a fag like myself is on SanCom- it’s probably because I’m just weird like that.

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  • Top 10 Things Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Want You Asking About:
    This isn’t exclusive to Japan. This is how very many girls actually act. Do you seriously possess no experience to the extent where you will deny something that happens so often in the real world that stereotypes about it exist? They say it all the time, stereotypes exist for a reason.

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    Has the Madoka hype finally worn off? Shit. I was going to try to resell some WonFes Madoka exclusive figures, if the hype has died I may be out like $300…

  • Fate/Extra Splendid Saber Figure:
    I hope so, I prefer their Saber sculpts to any other company. I don’t like Gift’s faces, even if EVERYTHING ELSE is awesome, the faces turn me off the figures enough to not buy them.

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    She is the pinnacle of the arts! She is the flower of Olympia! In today’s words… she is… RED SABER!

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    Emma Watson will be doomed to Hermione Granger like Jim Carrey is doomed to Ace Ventura.

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    Wow, I know a photographer who looks just like the guy with the messenger bag on the right who just so happens to live in Brooklyn. He’d probably work on something like that, too… or at least participate. Never got to know him too well.


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