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1: Would it be alright for me to try dating your sister?
2: Would you like to try a threesome?
3: Can you grow a moustache?
4: Can you go get some plastic surgery for your breasts?
5: Your mom is kind of hot, is she available?
6: You’re wearing so much make up, is it alright for me to see your actual face?
7: I want some privacy, can you get out of my house?
8: Could you go fetch me some fastfood?
9: this tastes like crap, could you go learn cooking?
10: you were (age+5) years old, right?

Could this list really be true? Why so obsessed over the ex-boyfriend?! Geesh.

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  • Otaku Celebrate Nico Yazawa’s Birthday:
    Please educate yourself: ヲタク is a spelling that is used more often in a derogatory manner compared to the regular spelling おたく. Komaeda, you truly deserve to be tied at your hands and feet, pierced by a spear and killed by poison.

  • AKB JK Cage Rape “Too Much For Golden Time”:
    What is it with Japanese and those plastic grabbing hands? Also the old men beating mirua’s(?) ass made me happy.

  • AKB JK Cage Rape “Too Much For Golden Time”:
    my jumbo jet flies freely

  • Free! Still Completely Rotten:
    The fact that SanCom still posting stuffs about Free! is because they like but would not admit about it. Tsundere indeed

  • SAO “Rape Anime”; Fined for Indecency:
    NTR in hentai is pretty mild stuff in the end. In actual, it’s just a subgenre of cuckolding. Usually cuckolding (in porn) also contains stuff like chasity belt on the guy, forced bi (snowballing, cleaning up the creampie or just “straight” blowjob/anal), feminization (usually combined with that forced bi) etc. Feminization and strap on are pretty common themes in femdom hentai, making the guy eat his/someone else’s cum seems to be pretty rare. No clue about yaoi tho, I want there to be a girl …


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