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This has turned pretty generic…

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  • Tomodachi ga Sukunai Keeps Getting Sexier:
    I think the animator’s name is Bukiri or something, who also did Little Sister/This Cute, Kodakon, and I think a few others. It sickens me when anime artists who are so talented never does full blown hentai. A lot of hentai has very few animation frames and shit, but this is a fucking amazing anime, even just art wise. Love lolicon.

  • Tomodachi ga Sukunai Keeps Getting Sexier:
    So you must have no friends then irl

  • Tomodachi ga Sukunai Keeps Getting Sexier:
    Watching cute Kobato’s face stuck in between Sena’s massive boobs was amazing. Kept imagining Sena being more aggressive and grabbing her by the back of the head and pushing her in deeper while talking in her Princess Persona:”Be grateful that I’m letting you smother in my glorious marshmallow mounds, peasant!”

  • Tomodachi ga Sukunai Keeps Getting Sexier:
    In about half the anime’s out there, there is at least one guy who looks like a girl. So i’ll continue to believe that Yukimura’s a guy until the anime reveals otherwise, or if i read a post that confirms it from the light novel, etc. But i highly doubt they will…

  • Tomodachi ga Sukunai Keeps Getting Sexier:
    I am sure it will be harlem ending so I’ll just going to use my imagination………..

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    Screw light novels Manga is better

  • Top 10 Light Novels Franchises of 2015:
    He likes the thought of the MC fucking all the cute girls he’ll never get.

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    But mr/ms, lolis are cute, innocent, and delicious. Whereas feminists are ugly, bitchy, grumpy and full of fake makeups and weirdo accessories, more than enough to turn any normal males off. Fook feminists and also fook you.

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    But they still censored Mikan! What a shame, especially with that opportunity… What are you hiding Rito?! There is absolutely nothing down there XD

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    Mr veteran Anon,i bet you must one of the ronery otakus…opp sorry western weaboos who share similar looks, traits and characteristics, ie being not able to score with real girls hence turn themselves to hentais and eroges.That’s why you are so pissed off at me for belittling your eastern comrades eh, hell why should i care about that? don’t tell me that you have a fetish of tracking anon’s identity based on his or her comments alone, if you do then i should have a reason to be scared right …


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