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Kodaka……the only anime guy that can watch his little sister get embarrassed without getting undressed…….

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  • Top 20 Most Charming Anime Ojiisan:
    Tippy is Chino’s grandfather transformed into rabbit. No one else is transformed into any other animal in this show. Not a cat neither a bunny.

  • Haruna Lingerie Figure:
    Rito PLZ

  • Top 10 Most Awaited Anime of Summer 2013:
    In the chronological order it looks like: 1. Kizumonogatari (to be animated as movie – who knows when…) 2. Nekomonogatari Black (animated after Bake and Nise) 3. Bakemonogatari (animated and written 1st but is acutualy 3rd in chronology) 4. Nisemonogatari (animated 2nd – Finishes the “1st season part of novels) 5. Nekomonogatari White (this will be first few episodes of new series) And so on. I’m too lazy to write all of them down here. This series will adapt 6 books (if i remember it right) …

  • Top 15 Most Moving Anime Songs:
    Chiisana (nr 6) is a winner for me hands down. It’s one of two songs that I just can’t listen to without crying every time… The second one is Koubou – the last ending from the last episode of Shakugan no Shana Final. So beautifull ending after so many years. It brings back great memories and just pierces my heart with overflowing emotions. Actualy, this is true for both songs I’ve mentioned above :)

  • Shakugan no Shana – Shana Swimsuit Figure:
    Preordered the day it was announced :)


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