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what r u talkin bout? they’re already fat!

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  • Chinese Cosplayers Cuter Than Ever:
    Holy…. I’m a female and most people around me (girls) cringe at the thought of having thick calves. In fact in korea they are called raddish-legs if you have them and are looked down u__u Slender legs are preferred instead really. I have thick calves since I’m chubby and its one of my biggest complexes. Seriously I hate them so much, They make my legs look really clunky/chunky and short.

  • Chinese Cosplayers Cuter Than Ever:
    And why would thick calves be attractive? To Asians, those are not positive attractions, same with the ass lol. But yes, the Chinese cosplayers’ quality have gone up ^^

  • Chinese Cosplayers Cuter Than Ever:
    Isn’t a crime to advocate Japanese culture there? For all we know half of them are in prison now. For “rebellion.”

  • Chinese Cosplayers Cuter Than Ever:
    Cute… But I’m sure there are traps on those that classify as “cute.”

  • Chinese Cosplayers Cuter Than Ever:
    Totally with you on that. Sankaku posters have no creativity.

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  • Busty Musashi Figure:
    Every time I see her I have to stifle the urge to make Brave Fencer jokes.

  • New Season of Hetalia Announced:
    You know, it never ceases to amaze me, this trend in Japan towards moefying what was a rather dark period of human history with shows and games like Hetalia, Strike Witches and now Kantai Collection. It’s probably a plot to re-militarize the youth of the country.

  • Pandra: Shinkyoku no Grimoire Excessively Ero:
    You’re free to reanimate the scenes yourself, otherwise you can only hope for a miracle where they repel the censorship law…but you’d need a Politician Jesus for that. Or I guess you could make non-japanese countries understand that protecting the rights of imaginary beings is stupid…but once again, job for a Politician Jesus.

  • Pandra: Shinkyoku no Grimoire Excessively Ero:
    I agree, it doesn’t even have to full loli or DFC(though much aprreciated if there was one), but put in at least one character without tits larger than her head!

  • Yakata: Kannou Kitan Obsessed Oppai Ero-Anime:
    Fap time!


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