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>No, only some animes that are long run, like OnePiece.
Most of the short-run anime (animes for one term) doesn’t fit to this idea.

better check the veracity your claims before posting them ;)

>Lol, that’s also not true, Korean. You are mixing up with the fact that Korean people used to put their names in Kanji back in those days, that’s why. Now, Koreans asks to put their names in alphabet.

still a large chunk of koreans is credited with their hanja name nowadays.
it’s less about the names of the people.
the way they hid the koreans back in the days was different: they didn’t credit every single animator or painter, just the company they worked for. also, to obscure the origin of those companies, the names of those companies sounded very japanese, using kanji combinations that wouldn’t be odd in japanese.

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    you can safely say that about every single anime tv series made in the past 10 years had a chunk outsourced overseas. in-between animation and digital paint to korea, china, … background art to china, thailand, vietnam, … outsourcing is not a recent thing either, they’ve done it since the early 90ies. though they concealed the koreans in the credits a bit more back in those days.

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