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Lycopene, that would be be true if all you cared about was how anime LOOKED, but their are other things like story/concept, characterization, plot, music, etc.

It’s entirely possible for anime to suck while looking better than past anime. In fact, it should be EXPECTED for anime to look better since technology improves as time goes on, so basing a defense on that is a cop out – “SEE? Anime hasn’t suffered! It LOOKS better!”

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  • Behold Tokyo’s Cutest JK – 2014:
    You’re under the impression I am for the subsides and war. I’m against the government spending money in general, including what you mentioned. I work and earn my money, I don’t want the government stealing it with taxes, least of which to hand it to incompetent and lazy hobos. If you earn money, then keep it all. If you don’t, then get out of your fat ass and go work or starve to death. Welfare is stupid and immoral, just like subsides.

  • Behold Tokyo’s Cutest JK – 2014:
    I really hate how bright and glaring their lipstick is though. It’s such a turnoff. Something more on the tone like

  • Comiket 86 Cosplay Continues To Impress:
    Pic number 9: That girl could do a very good sonico cosplay.

  • Behold Tokyo’s Cutest JK – 2014:
    Lol the ass of a donkey is more cute.

  • Comiket 86 Cosplay Continues To Impress:
    Ouch .. blame the mistakes of grammar when it has better argument, very astute of you ..


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