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Lycopene, that would be be true if all you cared about was how anime LOOKED, but their are other things like story/concept, characterization, plot, music, etc.

It’s entirely possible for anime to suck while looking better than past anime. In fact, it should be EXPECTED for anime to look better since technology improves as time goes on, so basing a defense on that is a cop out – “SEE? Anime hasn’t suffered! It LOOKS better!”

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    I was always under impression that bleach outfits (at least in manga first pages or whatever you call them)were very stylish. Wouldnt mind wearing most of ichigos outfits but oh well, aparently im not stylish…

  • Top 10 Anime With The Worst Dressed Characters:
    Whew no To aru series ok

  • Top 10 Anime With The Worst Dressed Characters:
    Except for Orihime, Kubo give her a hot body and dress her like a nun, only the recent outfit is a good one.

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    None of these listings seem to have Garzey’s Wing. Honestly, fairy wing scum to coat an arrow head?

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    One Anime to Reign Supreme: GARZEY’S WING If you don’t know it, don’t search for it. Don’t watch it. Life is better in ignorance. You will be tainted if you attempt to watch the English Dub… it hurts so bad remembering it… and I only watched it once 15 years ago. It still taints my soul.


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