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I agree.

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  • “How To Make Your Daughter Love You” = “Bathe With Her”:
    I love Japan more than any country. But I am going to view this the westerner side. People claim that is apart of Japanese culture, but what if that culture has child “lover” undertone? I mean simple possession of Kiddy porn is still legal, the Lolicon industry is BOOMING and they constantly sexualize their child idols. And now they expect people to believe they aren’t bathing with their child just to see them nude or do something worse? WHAT LEVEL OF GODDAMN INSANITY ARE YOU AT?! You put 2 and …

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  • Man Shot For Playing Pokemon Go:
    Hey, Chesapeake, VA….that’s my hometown. Great job on getting global media attention again for another murder two years in a row…

  • The 5 Creepiest Phone Wallpapers: “#2 = Anime”:
    The only thing on this list i can agree with is the image of oneself. What the fuck?! But the rest, wow. Really? When did anime become childish? Is it because it is animated? What makes animated anime any different than a soap or TV show you watch? They are both fake(more than likely). I see idiots even extend to Japan lol

  • China Infuriated as Japan Arrests Senkaku Invaders:
    Fucking really China? Were you really THAT shocked Japan arrested people who illegally entered JAPANESE TERRITORY? Fuck off.

  • Detroit Maid Cafe Stuns Japanese:
    …Detroit? Really? ONE OF THE SHITTIEST MAJOR CITIES IN THE WORLD WITH A MAID CAFE?! Holy fuck…and the girls…FOR FUCK SAKE! At least hire cute girls. Not fat manly looking bitches. Holy shit. I nearly choked on my miso soup when I saw this. In related news, I finally have a reason to go to Detroit.

  • Top 20 Tragic Anime Heroines:
    Ok, um…who the FUCK is Tomoyo? I have seen Saikano(about 50,000 times) and I own it on DVD(2 times actually)…there is not ONE SINGLE character who is named Tomoyo. There is Chise, Shuji, and Akemi, plus minor characters but none are named Tomoyo. >_>


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