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Well put. I wonder if Americans aren’t body/sex obsessed – they tend to think of everything in sexual terms.

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  • Star Ocean 5 Censored: “No Sexualizing Underage Girls!”:
    Feminazi SJWs can find a way to ruin everything. The proper response is to listen carefully to their complaint and then do the _opposite_ of what they ask for. Make the game sexier. Make it more erotic. Make it more difficult. Extreme and unique is better than bland milquetoast.

  • FaceRig Live2D Module “Become an Anime Girl!”:
    At long last I can finally be the little girl.

  • Street Fighter V Censored: “We Want to Keep it T-Rated!”:
    Let Capcom know you don’t want this: Tell other Japanese devs. you don’t want this kind of thing in your games: The feminazi SJWs win if we are silent. Raise your voices and be heard.

  • Resident Evil 2 Remake Officially Announced:
    Their last attempts to change up the series reduced it to a bunch of action-ey shooters. Fans want a return to the old form. I hope they can do a HD remaster of RE3. Nemesis was terrifying.

  • Charlotte Serenely Soporific:
    The art looks nice but most Key shows introduce a lot of likeable characters in an interesting setting and then dump bad times on them. At some point I have to stop trying to kick the football Lucy Van Pelt’s going to yank away.


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