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I don’t normally fap to 2chan goddesses, but I guarantee I will tonight!

Although, I don’t understand why she censored her lady bits in some part, but didn’t in others.

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  • Lollipop Chainsaw Service Spectacular:
    If the HOTD costumes are in the North American/European version I will buy it! But I doubt they will be…

  • Bandai Dumps US Anime – “Foreigners Are All Pirates!”:
    Anime equivalent to steam…this would help everyone. Although, it makes me wonder…why isn’t there already a steam-esque software for anime? Maybe make the first episode free so that you at least get a preview of the show? Just a thought. It’s no different than a free demo for a video game.

  • Bandai Dumps US Anime – “Foreigners Are All Pirates!”:
    Agreed. I can barely afford merchandise, let alone pay for anime dvds I’ll watch once or twice. I watch online and buy merchandise. Between college and small shifts, I can’t afford much. I have to save up for months to buy one figure.

  • Bandai Dumps US Anime – “Foreigners Are All Pirates!”:
    You said it all. What got me into anime in the first place was anime on cartoon network, like Gundam and Dragonball Z. As as kid I saw that, then started renting anime movies like Princess Mononoke and Escaflowne. Now, I buy figures, clothing,games and other merchandise. I guarantee that would have never happened if there wasn’t anime on tv. Now a days, there’s little to no anime on children’s channels. Anime wasn’t even very popular in the 90’s(in America) when it was on kid’s channels every …

  • 36% of 16-19-Year-Old Boys “Sexless”:
    Holy hell…I don’t know what I’d do if I were still a virgin at 18. Although, it seems America does things a little differently. I for one don’t shower before and after sex.


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