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You have to consider the main character in question though?

Rance is so capable of creating AND managing his own harem that Lia would just LIMIT his potential…

Rito? The end result of letting him free-roam is the original To Love-Ru and its ending… a bloody mess in which (in a way) no one achieves happiness in the end…

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  • Cross Ange Still Quite Gruesome:
    who says I was only mentioning about current anime? I was talking about most recent dark anime within the last few years

  • Cross Ange Still Quite Gruesome:
    I’m fine with death, what I’m not fine with is guro and cute girls dying everywhere, I’d rather see a hundred generic people getting massacred than one cute girl getting her head ripped off her body

  • Cross Ange Still Quite Gruesome:
    ( . )( . )

  • Tsukimonogatari Anime Due:
    ( . )( . )

  • Delectable Dekomori Ero-Cosplay by Saotome Love:
    Honestly I’m quite fond of pictures of naked women. I have to say this was one of the most unpleasant photo sets featuring a vagina I have ever come across. Half the time I kept murmuring “cover it, cover it up for God’s sake”. The genuinely unattractive labia and the unkempt shrubbery, and that gaping hairy asshole. They would be fine for a 20 dollar whore but totally wrong for Dekomori. Don’t get me wrong, I’d stick my dick in it given the opportunity, but seriously — Dekomori?? Nah mang, no …


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