Top magical puella anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica is apparently to receive a brand new movie edition, much to the delight of fans and, doubtless, QB.

The sole basis for the announcement is a leaked image of what is purported to be the cover of the December edition of Newtype. The general consensus is that it appears to be genuine.

Details are as yet lacking, but utterly groundless speculation as to its content ranges from it being a mere recap of the TV series to it being a tale of mahou shoujo from another age.

The online reaction has been quite enthusiastic – although not always in the conventional sense, as frightening amounts of effort have been expended in trying to prove the cover is a fake (if so, it is at least a very good one), that it was leaked by Aniplex (based largely on a piece of paper visible under the cover), and (most plausibly) that Shaft is likely to be in trouble producing both Madoka and Kizumonogatari movies at the same time.


As expected, the announcement is genuine:



According to these reports, there will be three movies, 2 of which will rehash the TV series and with one being a completely new production.


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