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Lol I love how all aya ass kissers are down voting EVERY comment with even a shred of negativity towards Aya. She may have fucked her band mates but no matter how much you defend her, shell never fuck YOU. She was a egotistical bitch before the scandal and still is, and her voice work is overrated to all hell.

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  • Isuca OVA Band-Aid Beach Bonanza:
    The loli has no nipples. FUCK YOU ANIME INDUSTRY

  • Isuca OVA Band-Aid Beach Bonanza:
    God I love Tamako…

  • Energetic Hestia Figure:
    That explains hell alot.

  • AKB48 Members Maimed in Saw Attack:
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  • Shimoseka Pantsu Perversions Abound:
    Best show of the season, without a doubt.


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