76% of Japanese Women Fake It


Over three quarters of Japanese women surveyed admit to faking orgasms – although fortunately a helpful gynecologist has gleefully betrayed her sex to tell men how to spot this.

From a Tokyo TV special recently attracting attention online:

“Have you faked it?”


32% – Do it a lot

29% – Do it occasionally

15% – Have done it 1 or 2 times

24% – Have never done it

Based on online survey results




Helpfully, a guide to spotting these sly vixens is provided as well:


“Where should you look to determine whether she really came?”


Gynaecologist: “[When she's having an orgasm] the lower third of her vagina and her labia will convulse”


When she comes, the lower third of her vagina will convulse!


When she comes, she’ll open her toes!


Just why such an overwhelming majority of Japanese women feel the need to engage in such theatrics is unfortunately not gone into too deeply – perhaps a clue in itself, as is the ease with which their menfolk can be deceived despite the evident difficulty of simulating vaginal contractions and other involuntary physiological cues.


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