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My favorite is enemy at the gates. The Germans have German accents, and the Russians have… British ones? Lulz were had.

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  • Brave Girl Ravens Coming West:
    Oh shit, there are elves. *nervous sweating*

  • Top 20 Most Popular Anime Songs:
    #5 and #8 are great. #1 is a good song married to a show with (and about) issues.

  • Top 20 Most Popular Anime Songs:
    A respectable showing from #8, and it might be older than I am. Every time you hear that marimba give way to guitars, it’s like a fresh car chase. Let it be known that Frontier has some better songs than the opening, too. Most glaring omission is Hare Hare Yukai.

  • Charlotte English Dub Emerges:
    Claremont’s run on x-men, Garth Ennis writing HItman, and Watchmen would qualify. To me. The hits are few, and far between.

  • Charlotte English Dub Emerges:
    The west has a long history of appreciating Superhero stories with crappy writing. Should be a natural fit.


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