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My favorite is enemy at the gates. The Germans have German accents, and the Russians have… British ones? Lulz were had.

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  • Top 40 Opening Themes of Summer 2015:
    Yeah, while Chalotte left me with overall feelings of ‘meh’ I definitely see what you’re saying. The opening sounds amazing. A big part of that is how well Lia seems to harmonize with the track itself. That’s not cheap or easy, but the production wizards are up to the task.

  • Sei Yariman Gakuen Onahole Overly Perverse:
    73 minutes is some high level shit.

  • Gate Relentless Rory Romance:
    I think it’s just a Mahou Shoujo fetish. I’d much rather have a Broken Elf, or Gotokuji Kayo with magical powers. It’s sometimes guilty of doing too much, though. Like this time there were catgirls and harpies with no real narrative reason.

  • Meaty Ikumi Figure Boasts Grade A Cuts:
    She’d get better support from a thigh holster that hooks to a belt. That’d also allow her to secure that 2nd knife from a belt sheath. I like her wristbands, though…

  • Gakkou Gurashi Live Action OP Quite Humorous:
    Spoiler alert: It’s the SAME person, every time.


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