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You don’t seem like someone who knows what’s really going on.

Sure, it was never a ‘ban’ in the strictest sense of the word, but aside from the decreasing sales, it also makes it harder for artists to get the pass for their works. Publishers have become so jittery about it that they have literally forced certain titles out of the production. In return, some artists are now getting sidelined and have to look for another job.

Ishihara can’t be too stupid to see that his imposed ‘restriction’ isn’t really a ‘ban’. It’s exactly what he’s after. Them old fucktards in Japan have really strong opinions about what can and can’t be done in the society and they’ll see to it that everyone follows their thinking. Isn’t that a violation of a man’s right for free speech?

Of course, some artists themselves are to blame too for pushing the envelope(shoujo mangas glorifying sex read by 15 years olds , anyone?), but this restriction is a haphazard solution. It’s just closing the problem with a thin lid hoping the carcass would disappear by itself.

The things they think are leading to crime and disorder in their society is nothing more than a product of their own social taboos, stigmas and tight rules. Those crazy sexual media is also a product of those, but unlike crime and disorder, media is just a man or woman expressing ideas. The only people getting hurt are fictional people that don’t exist.

Old men like Ishihara can’t seem to think that it’s them and their pre-WWII relic thinking that is no longer needed in Japan.

Oh well, ain’t my country.

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  • Anime Industry Returns to TAF, Grovels Before Ishihara:
    Why won’t this geriatric motherfucker just kick the bucket already? Jesus tap-dancing Christ! I had a sister who died of leukemia when she was nineteen. Why is it always rat-fucks like this who live for so fucking long!?!? No wonder the world’s such a fucked-up place!

  • Anime Industry Returns to TAF, Grovels Before Ishihara:
    You are forgetting that Japan has over dozens of thousands of suicides every year. Of course the birth rate will decrease. People usually don’t have children either because of financial or ideological reasons.

  • Anime Industry Returns to TAF, Grovels Before Ishihara:
    To-Love-Ru Darkness is still publishing. Ero-Manga are still rampant. Ecchi anime still air on TV. Dozens of ero-anime are released every month. Eroge is still popular amongst otaku. Where’s your precious little ban now, Artefact? Afraid of losing readers? Afraid that people will get tired of looking at titties and flat chests? Afraid that you’ll be a homeless motherfucker in the future because you’re not getting enough hits? Grow a fucking beard. This isn’t the news industry. You wanna make up …

  • Anime Industry Returns to TAF, Grovels Before Ishihara:
    Exactly, either a new underground/internet driven manga/anime industry will arise and thrive outside of these peoples reach or Japan’s manga/anime industry will die a slow agonizing death.

  • Anime Industry Returns to TAF, Grovels Before Ishihara:
    just wait until the old generation dies off, in 20 years or so

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