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They would never raise a hand against their god.

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  • 3 Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movies Announced:
    From the update: Urobuchi had already pretty much finished the final draft for the new film, and production is proceeding next. According to Shinbo, the subtitle of the new film is still undecided, but he really wanted to call it “Incubator no Gyakushū” (“Incubator Strikes Back” or “Incubator’s Counterattack”) So if the new movie’s title will be called as the first translation states, can we expect Incubators in starships to hunt Homu Homu in the Dagobah System?

  • China Builds “Leaning Tower of Zhejiang”:
    It didn’t explode, so the Chinese can consider this a victory of sorts.

  • 76% of Japanese Women Fake It:
    Most people on Sankaku will never get a chance to find out if a girl is lying or not… because 2D is so much better. :D

  • 3 Busted for Buying Used Schoolgirl Pantsu:
    I still don’t understand why people pay for this. Used schoolgirl pantsu don’t smell good at all.

  • “All Boys Love Crossdressing!”:
    Artefact’s post gave me eternal nightmares.


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