Scandal seiyuu Aya Hirano has been berating her fans for sharing pictures of their genitals with her, finally retaliating by taking a hiatus from Twitter entirely.

From where else but Twitter:

Your replies really keep my spirits up, but some people send me really despicable things. It’s gross so I suggest you don’t look into it. They have such a nerve.


Everyone, please don’t post any more links with pictures. I’m too scared to open them.


I really want to keep connected with you all on Twitter, but the lack of morals in that last pic means I’ll only be posting announcements for a while. I hear that I should quit Twitter all the time, but I won’t do that so relax please.


The person who posted the nasty pic isn’t spamming any more. I’m frightened he’ll do something else next. Please stop.

The person in question provided her with a photograph of his erection.

In response to her tweets, one fan has this rather cutting retort:

It’s preferable to the time you showed me that picture of you having sex with your band member, isn’t it?

Between her notorious reputation and her notoriously provocative antics on Twitter, it may be more surprising that she is sent anything other than penis snaps – although after having promised to shut up for a while in retaliation, it seems she is sure to be getting a lot more in future.


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