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Music can actually be measured, horrible music is actual math how it effects ones brain or rather how it “can” effect the effect is up to the person and the skills involved to play, sing, compose, etc, or …etc hitting notes, finding semi tones, flats sharps that work well with the sounds so on and so forth.

How one enjoys the this is also a factor but not the biggest, people can enjoy horrible music. It still remains horrible music.

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    Madoka…..? Angel Beats…? holy crap wow… This just..this list I can’t agree to this at all.

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    2D still wins..but.. >_> These drawings are well..not good? so.. (I CLAIM RIGGED)

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    Sometimes a guy is fine too? :3 traps ftw. <3 Also that Remilia cosplay is actually well kinda decent.. as s/he has the right sort of sophisticated dignified "ojou-sama" kinda look and stance..just the little upper class tell tale signs.. I guess.

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    You know.. I still love Hirano matter what.. like it matters anyway. seriously she could be a whore and or slut or even exhibitionist trap porn star that does stuff you can’t even find in illegal Doujinshi..and i’d still love her. Regardless of what she does talent is talent. //Devoted fan, …inb4 post edits!

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    It’s like you people don’t even know of the Seiyuu Otaku.. however truly messed up and weird this reaction’s not a too uncommon practice for Seiyuu Otaku. Which is another reason why the normal public face of japan is known to openly discriminate against Otaku.. just like most of you are doing. though we’re a lot more selective about it.. I shall observe this further.


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