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Problem with that is that most of them would just get abortions. Since there’s not as much moral stigma about it there, I’m sure the parent would have no trouble taking their daughter in to get one if she was too young.

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    Makes me feel a bit better about my usually makeup-less face.

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    You’re right that it shouldn’t be natural, but stupid me lost the ability to edit my comment just a minute after I posted, so I couldn’t clarify. I just don’t think it should be considered especially shameful considering the visual nature of the talent/idol/gravure/av industry. It would be better for everyone if more beautiful women could take part in AV without all the stigma attached. It’s not a particularly dangerous line of work if you’re working with high-budget stuff, but unfortunately …

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    I did read it correctly, but I lost my ability to edit, which was why I replied to my comment that is now downvoted down there…

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    I just don’t think having sex on camera for money should destroy someone. But I’m pretty progressive when it comes to issues of sex, and I don’t find it an especially degrading act. If people remember this beautiful woman as a whore, that’s society’s problem. To me she is a beautiful woman.

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    Affiliate links = money for sankaku. It’s not hard to figure out. But anyone who knows anything about figure collecting knows to where to get it for cheaper.


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