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“Actually in europe the opposite is happen in the most countries because of the increase of islamic people there so standards change to not ‘discriminate’ them with nudity.”
AHAHAHAHAH OH WOW. Implying europeans actually CARE about religion.

That aside, I didn’t really paid attention to this, but it’s definitely happening in Europe too. That aside, I don’t find that mini-shorts are THAT slutty, but the acumulation of shorts, slut hair, and “slutwear” is.
Bitches needs to get taught something about mode…

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  • Daring Darjeeling Cosplay by Naasan Far From Bitter:
    I want to make babies with her!!!

  • Pro AMV For Western Composer:
    He can criticize it all he wants but the fact of the matter is saying it should have some other music or dong instead is idiotic because it simply the animation would even exist in the first place if the song in it was not a part of it. The whole reason a1 made this animation is because they were contacted by the musician to do so. So not really anything about being a fanboy (which I don’t see how that is even an issue since many people are fanboys about things), but the fact he thinks that the …

  • Hibike Euphonium Heavily Discordant:
    I only read sankaku for the articles.

  • Pro AMV For Western Composer:
    You seem to misunderstand something the reason a1 made the animation was because of the song. no song = no anime It was not some show a1 was making that Porter used for his song but an animation made for his song. Saying that it would be better without the song is the same as saying that you have little idea of why the animated part even exist in the video.

  • Daring Darjeeling Cosplay by Naasan Far From Bitter:
    I’d pour some milk in her tea if you know what I mean


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