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I blame the parents for allowing their daughter to go around like that dressed in public.

Yeah, they are just asking for trouble, dressed like that. No worse than here in the USA, or better yet, here in South Florida (Miami especially)

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    Not a single white gakuran? Fujoshi standards are getting EVEN lower…

  • Berserk 2016 Still Horrific In More Ways Than One:
    Not big enough, make it ZoddxGriffith!

  • Top 20 Seifuku You Want to Wear:
    Yup. Thank god most results are uniforms that sexualize underage male and full homo hot gay action show, and now is creepy fujoshi/tomboy/trans who wanted to wear those male uniforms.

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    Eh, just let your mind fill it in. Supportive cravings may arise that seem sensible and obvious, or unexpected and beyond understanding. Have you ever craved citrus foods when suffering from a cold or flu? It’s easy to justify this biologic desire. We all need love in the end.

  • Berserk 2016 Still Horrific In More Ways Than One:
    It’s always been about the love of the art for Miura. We all need money to live, but he just does not want to churn out content for money. I wish we lived in a world where skills could be nurtured. Employees are people too you know. Take as much time on the manga as you need without killing yourself.


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