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You should see the way my 14- and 15- year old sisters dress for school….. makes me sick half the time. The differece here in america is that the children aren’t like the asian ones. American children would fight their captors to the bitter end…. i even remember a story in which a 12 year old girl who got kidnapped fought her captor, kicked him in the nuts really hard, then called her mom.

Now asian girls in the same situation, they would be like… what’s going on? and the captor would say… we’re just taking a trip, and she would go along with it, once the captor takes her inside his safehouse… she may object at first, but they become docile… and only escape when their captor lets them go…

(That second part is, of course if anime and hentai series are worth following to understand mindsets…)

And ofc i was kidding. just felt like being a smartass…

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  • Japanese Elementary Schoolers More Precocious Than Ever:
    Let me make this point iron strong…. keysha is one of the very worst things to ever happen to U.S. Music since…… hmm… well i guess Britney Spears, AND rap music. pleas let me introduce the point that rap music is also VERY VERY bad. It really aint even ‘music’ its just the blacks talking about their ‘bitches’ their drugs, their gangs, and crimes of violence while unfitting beats are played. and britney spears’ music is decent, well, some of it, but americans kinda see her in the light …

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  • Short-Legged Porn Star “Is Maaya Uchida”:
    Meh, the pay is bad, and most porn stars don’t enjoy the work they do, 90% of porn star(ing?) is faking orgasms for the pleasure of the viewer, they don’t actually enjoy it as much. So honestly Porn stardom is for those untalented individuals that weren’t smart enough for a proper education, or lucky enough to be born in a family with accessibility to things like higher education. Im one of those unlucky, untalented people.

  • Short-Legged Porn Star “Is Maaya Uchida”:
    I’d totally go all bitter and mercilous for a million bucks.

  • Hatsune Miku to Debut on The Late Show:
    Man, I really don’t understand why there’s so much hate on ‘loli culture’ If you don’t like it, that’s fine, but there’s no reason to compare it to real life pedophilia. If a pedophile decides to get anime loli porn, isn’t that better than them having the real thing? Or if a guy decides to watch loli anime (To Love RU, kodomo no jikan, yosuga no sora) instead of hang out at a middle school, isn’t that better? Yall need to find some other place to troll lolicons, like 4chan or somehting, I wish …

  • Free! Ends: “Our Eternal Summer is Over!”:
    There shouldn’t be any trolls anyways. I think youtube has a good idea. Use everyone’s real names. Then the trolling would at least be cut in half.

  • Free! Ends: “Our Eternal Summer is Over!”:
    You’re funny. Real funny. Man sankaku would be a different place if I moderated. All the hate would be gone.


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