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You should see the way my 14- and 15- year old sisters dress for school….. makes me sick half the time. The differece here in america is that the children aren’t like the asian ones. American children would fight their captors to the bitter end…. i even remember a story in which a 12 year old girl who got kidnapped fought her captor, kicked him in the nuts really hard, then called her mom.

Now asian girls in the same situation, they would be like… what’s going on? and the captor would say… we’re just taking a trip, and she would go along with it, once the captor takes her inside his safehouse… she may object at first, but they become docile… and only escape when their captor lets them go…

(That second part is, of course if anime and hentai series are worth following to understand mindsets…)

And ofc i was kidding. just felt like being a smartass…

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