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a european? what you represent the views for a whole continent?

It DOES happen everywhere, maybe not in the droves that seem to be shown here, but it does, just like goths and chavs, its a worldwide phenomena

Anyhow this looks like more an import from the west judging by some of the fashions, anyone seen the toy barbie lately? she has been influencing kids since the 1950`s

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  • A-1 Pictures “Killed Animator” with 600 Hour Month:
    It used to be TWO episodes…. it seems better now at 3 per $60.

  • A-1 Pictures “Killed Animator” with 600 Hour Month:
    Yeah fsck Funimation. The cocksuckers only make deals for US releases. At least CR has worldwide streaming for about 70% of their catalog, but still charge the same rate for everyone. There are many revenue streams for anime. A country of 120 odd million people where anime is a pop culture phenomenon and they can’t afford decent salaries? Retards.

  • A-1 Pictures “Killed Animator” with 600 Hour Month:
    HouseLife, anime DVDs and BDs are expensive even abroad. And CR also costs. Some of us do buy this crap, as well as merchandise. The stuff also gets shown on cable in Japan, regular TV and finally DVD/BD releases for sale and freaking rental. Add to that the merchandise, such as even for example, the always sold out limited edition VolksDollfie Dreams and you have lots of revenue streams, never mind the manga, novels, audio drama cds and OSTs. That these wankers pay their employees so little is …

  • A-1 Pictures “Killed Animator” with 600 Hour Month:
    HouseLife you wanker. I bought both Kannagi DVDs. I probably also bought merchandise. So people do buy that stuff.

  • A-1 Pictures “Killed Animator” with 600 Hour Month:
    I didn’t want to comment here, but the stupidity of this comment hurt my brain so much that I had to type in something.


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