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  • Cop Gets Off On 3P 13-Year-Old Sex: “They Looked 20!”:
    Except in Asia quite often 25 could still look like 15.

  • Cops: “We Thought An IP Was Proof Of Guilt”:
    At least that means one could actually outsmart the cops… like hijacking another person’s computer in your stead.

  • Noda “Most Anti-Chinese PM Ever”:
    Would very much wants Ishihara done with by the time this drama ends, but at the same time wouldn’t want China to win… Great dilemma, this is.

  • Chinese Mobs “Attack Italian Embassy’s Toyota”:
    It’ll be a great relief to the world if this whole drama would have the Chinese destroy everything Japanese and (mistakenly) non-Japanese in China, cause astronomical mistrust among all foreign investors and significantly increasing investment risk in the country, causing all FDI to stop, causing its economy to crumble, and causing the country to completely crumble. Beautiful. Go on.

  • Chinese Attacks on Japanese Mount:
    “It almost makes you wonder when they will decide to invade a neighbouring country. :/” Technically they already are, all over east and southeast Asia. Also, 1% of a million is still 100000. With a population as big as China, ‘few’ could be the size of the entire population of a small country. The problem here is the government seem to endorse these kinds of reaction, which would only mean nothing will be done, which would mean it will only get worse over time.


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