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I don’t care if 12 year olds are no longer ‘innocent’ but…

This is like Jessi Slaughterification of kids. Kids at such a young age shouldn’t be bothered too much by trends and fashion. Especially trends; I thought all kids are taught to do their own thing? Instead, they have another aspect of peer pressure added to them.

At least, wait until high school. They can’t even begin to work part time(otherwise it’s child laboring), so they’re effectively sucking their parents’ money to follow these fashin trends. If their parents are lawyers and/or Jew, they don’t need to worry, but what about the poorer men and women who wore a bad condom or had this misleading thought that a ‘safe day’ is completely safe?

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    First scene was golden, for a moment i felt like i’m watching a hentai

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    I’m left and SJW fuckers are batshit crazy, don’t you dare try to lump me in with them.

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