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More like what they call in the US rave / underground club scene “prostitots”: any girl under the legal age of 18 that dresses like a prostitute / slut.

And everyone wonders why there are so many underage girls having babies nowadays?; it’s because the PARENTS allow their 13 year old daughters leave the house dressed like that, and buy those clothes for them!

If it was MY daughter, I’d ground her for a year.

Then again, I would NEVER buy these types of clothes for her, especially if she was a ‘model’ as someone pointed out.

(Artefact…I’m looking at you, mister!!)

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    LOL (-0.2) …lol

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    I honestly don’t know if this anime is a dent series or not. The e drastic change in art style made it completely unwatchable to me. Why didn’t they have the guys who did Hotd do this?

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    I don’t think Bell is incompetent or clumsy.. he might be a little naive and shy but he is just a n00b/beginner adventurer who aspires to being as tough as Aiz who saved his life in the first episode.. I think Sankaku needs to rewatch the episodes and get the right grasp on the characters. ;)

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    i still dont know why i would be watching love live, k-on, kuroku no basuket and gintama on my last day for me they will be replaced by clannad after story, Mirai Nikki, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka and Acchi Kocchi i would prefer sad, fight, adventure, drama and comedy instead of guys playing games and girls singing around and Trolls

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    All these on this list I would rather die than watch, well, most of them anyway I’d rather watch black bullet which was amazing, too bad it ended


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