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There are pose books made specifically for artists to use as references. I’ve been advised by more than one art teacher to keep a reference file of magazine clippings, etc of images to use as reference material.

There’s a whole world of difference between reference (something you look at to get pose/proportions right) and tracing.

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  • Manga Plagiarism “More Blatant Than Ever”:
    I get plagiarism but the comparison between the warlords from one piece and the picture of naruto aren’t alike except for the panels. I mean if your having a organized meeting of an official group and having them sit around a table isn’t plagiarism of the manga before it its just common setting.

  • Manga Plagiarism “More Blatant Than Ever”:
    Sooner or later these talentless artists will lose readers anyway.. No need to blatant bout it.

  • Manga Plagiarism “More Blatant Than Ever”:

  • Manga Plagiarism “More Blatant Than Ever”:
    can’t anyone come up with something original anymore?

  • Manga Plagiarism “More Blatant Than Ever”:
    Yea but you have to admit it seems like Hiro Mashima always copies Eiichiro Oda. You can look at Oda’s artbooks and see that he has a process and works from scratch; Mashima not so much. Especially the Fairy Tail character roster line up, they all obviously have one piece clothing on and the scar under the guys eye and the fake usopp character. Idk if it was merely for promotional purposes or not but come on Hiro takes alot from Eiichiro and is probably his subordinate in some way (or junior).

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