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… why would God punish us for reading his Manga?

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  • Gate Monstrously Chaotic:
    the parts you are describing as boring have been very entertaining to me. why must there be difficult conflict and drama? even though I don’t see how there’s not. I mean the dragon killed 90% of the elf clan that came to fight it, isn’t that enough drama? or is that not shown in the anime? but yea, another rather important person will die soon, and that surely will have interesting implications. no idea if it will be covered be the 2nd anime season though.

  • God Eater Anime PV Unveiled:
    except that it looks pretty damn good.

  • “The Menagerie” Demo Quite Beastly:
    they don’t freak me out but.. these characters seem to be girls. and girls are not supposed to have penises.

  • “The Menagerie” Demo Quite Beastly:
    the art style is amazing, but why do they have penises…

  • Xbox One “Bricked On Day 1”:
    it’s not a believe. it’s a clear fact that most of the time the console is NOT able to read the game before blowing into the module, but IS able to read it without problems after blowing into the module. and it is also fact based on years of experience that this can be repeated countless of times without breaking anything. i can imagine that console and/or module will break when you spit into the module though….


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