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  • Freezing 2 BD Milking It Hard:
    I don’t even mind if they keep the hentai censoring for it, just do it!!!! My body is ready

  • Freezing 2 BD Milking It Hard:
    I wish the Japanese would just include sex scenes with their normal anime. I’d love to see these Freezing girls get a good fucking, but the only way that’s possible is with fan made animation, which sucks. Come on Japan, let go of your ridiculous standards!!

  • Highschool DxD New Quality Ero-BD:
    Why do people care about this? Granted I actually don’t mind the show, but who gives a fuck about animated tits? It isn’t a hentai, there is no sex, so… who gives a fuck? Inb4 people say “if you don’t give a fuck why are you posting here trollololol” faggots.

  • Top 25 Harem Masters:
    This list is fucking retarded. Who gives a shit about how many women you know, or how many you’ve seen naked. All that matters is how many you’ve been inside! Love my anime as much as anyone else, but these harem fucktards infuriate the shit out of me, and the people who idolize them.

  • New Tamako Market – “What Are KyoAni Thinking!?”:
    So liking TM and K-On means you have good taste? Pretty sure it means you’re retarded, not that you have good taste.


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