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Macross 7 was absolute crap. It’s ONLY redeeming feature is the music of Fire Bomber. The story is crap (why did they spend 20 something episodes on his love for the vamp girl then she just leaves?), there is no ending (not really necessary as there isn’t 2 lead girls, something essential to Macross) and the animation is garbage. Shit, SDF’s animation blows it away and it’s a dozen years earlier.
If I want to “watch” M7, I just grab my ipod and listen to Fire Bomber….that’s the whole anime for me now.

BTW, you completely misunderstood SDF….Hikaru did not fail to win Minmei back…he had won her back at the end but he chose Misa…one of the few smart love choices ever made by an anime male lead character. The whole point of SDF (hammered home hard in 2012 flashback) is that Minmei fucked up….she had Hikaru at the beginning but then her ambition and her hanging around the (very creepy) Kaifun pushed him right into Misa’s arms.

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  • Top 10 Original Anime:
    Because S-cry-ed is a 100x better than Cancer girl 7

  • Top 10 Original Anime:
    i thought that s-cry-ed was based off the manga? Or was it that the manga was based off the anime>

  • Top 10 Original Anime:
    @Darkrockslizer I feel you on the “Wishmaster”‘s misheard lyrics.

  • Top 10 Original Anime:
    Burst Angel? Are you serious? That series was so bad and repetitive it was not funny.

  • Top 10 Original Anime:
    And where is Baccano! on this list? When was the last time anyone saw a show that was effectively a series of vignettes starring 1920’s New York mobsters, immortals (some of whom are also mobsters), homunculi and a Badass Normal gymnast who could kill anyone ever? Never before. No Japanese period piece has ever been this ‘fresh’ from a content standpoint and no juxtaposition by a Japanese author has been as ‘new’.

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  • Taimanin Asagi 3 “Now With Futanari!”:
    So if it isnt rape its vanilla? Sorry but you cant make liking raping women into a fundamentally manly traight. Its not only unmanly its inhuman. I refused to be labeled a lesser man or feminin or gay for prefering sex with women who are willing and consenting. ANY FUCKING PERSON WHO LIKES RAPE IN ANY FORM IS A MONSTER. Period full stop. Deal with it, you are a monster. You oughta end up in a jail where you get a taste of your own shit.

  • Youjo Senki Boasts Endless Conflict:
    Well her name is Mary Sue……no way would the author let that name fall into obscurity

  • Erina Will Become A Mama Definitely Depraved:
    I can never get the Visual Novel Reader working on these ever, I can’t figure out why. It’s annoying, I enjoy knowing what’s being said and what the premise and plot are. It’s part of the whole scenario situation.

  • Taimanin Asagi 3 “Now With Futanari!”:
    Interesting how a hentai where a woman gets raped with a shotgun and then the guy pulls the trigger is considered to be one of the most popular and classic hentai.

  • Official Magikarp Song “Now You Can Dance to It!”:
    I’d love to see these kids get raped to death by a fish.


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